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  1. Bro it's not the hobby shops' fault that they are taking advantage of Panini offering them retail products. As much as I hate it, this is capitalism in a nutshell. No one wants to seem to say that out loud, but we are witnessing the 3rd phase of capitalism in this hobby right now, where there is huge consolidating at the top (Fanatics etc) and everyone is in a race to buy out everyone else. This is literally what capitalism does. It affected almost every consumable market around the world during the pandemic and just hasn't stopped bc capitalists have figured out there is a lot of money to be made in this hobby IF you come in with money to begin with. You and I are going to get priced out of this hobby bc of capitalism, plain and simple. It's the same reason that everything else in this country isn't affordable - bc some hot sh*t, sociopathic wacko decides he's the best at something so he sets out to make his company the only game in town. When every resource has been squeezed out of their employees' paychecks, the only way to keep shareholders happy is to increase prices, and with increased prices come opportunities for others. It's the way the system is designed to work. People like you and me, every day people, we're only supposed to be in the system as a way to prop up rich douchebags who wouldn't know empathy if it came up and caressed their face.
  2. CSG all the way bc of all of what the previous posters mentioned, plus the value of the slabs can only go up from here, so if CSG one day becomes a major player in the market then the value of your collection will increase as their reputation does.
  3. is what you are looking for. It is an aggregate site for all the ebay sales on almost any card you can think of, and they show the Buy It Now price. The truth is there is no definitive answer to your question other than saying, "the market determines a cards value and that is constantly changing." I would also recommend getting whatever cards you want slabbed up, and not focus so much on the value of the card itself, unless you are looking to flip and re-sell these cards once they are graded. But even then, there are variables beyond looking up what the value is bc there are different grades that the card could get, therefore fluctuating the value of the card depending on the grade. SO if you looked up a PSA 10 version of a card you have and see it's worth $100 you might get excited to send that card in to get graded, but if you don't know what you're doing then the card might get graded a PSA 8 and the value of the card drops A LOT when that happens.
  4. @NicholePerIs there any way you could clarify this please? Thank you in advance.
  5. Are you a child? No, I am not getting nervous about my cards. Why would I? I, like everyone else sending in to CSG, sent in a bunch of cards in the month of May so I fully expect that particular backlog to take them forever, and I never send in more cards than I can financially handle. Seriously, that was such a weird reply. "ArE yOu GeTtInG nErVoUs?" when I was simply answering the guy's question lmao.
  6. I think it's good to go, mainly by the Fleer logo on the front, meaning it's barely darker than the yellow 'ribbon' next to it, and it's also juuuust below the ribbon as well. All the logos look sharp, etc too. FYI -
  7. Their estimated TAT just went from 173 down to 155, as well, so I assume there will be faster grading times coming up. They have been super consistent from what I've seen (anecdotal though, not everyone claims the same experience) so I wouldn't doubt a little quicker time on the cards coming back, which is sweet. I know I sent in 4 diff bulk orders about 3 total months apart and they all got entered into the system all within the past two weeks or so, so it looks like their hiring promotions worked!
  8. Yeah you'll prob wanna cal them for that bc mine was received on 6/17 and in g/e/i right now (has been for more than a minute, too)
  9. LMAO I got more than 10 10s without subs in my first bulk order from them. Whoever told you that is lying through their teeth bc CSG uses AI to primarily grade and then they use humans to make sure the grade isn't too harsh/lenient.
  10. i literally always buy my own insurance through FedEx and let CSG know about it and it's never been an issue. Not only that, but their policy on buying your own insurance has been clear and upfront since day 1, and was never buried. Where would they bury it? On some secret webpage?
  11. Just a quick suggestion - I have been using CSG to grade higher end cards, and if I get a 9.5 then I will send those to PSA (or sometimes SGC if that makes more sense with turnaround time). If you get a card that is above 100 consistently in a high grade (9.5+) then I'd definitely trust the fact that CSG grades tougher and probably send it to PSA once they re-open, assuming they come back with reasonable bulk prices. Also, just FYI, SGC has a really incredible thing going right now. $30 grading and their turnaround times are under a month, so that would have been a viable option, too!
  12. This guy knows wtf he's talking about. 100% agreed on all points!
  13. Thank you so much. That gives me a better idea of where I'm at.
  14. When you say to local dealers who are you talking about? I'm definitely curious about this, for sure.
  15. Honestly I don't think you're doing it right or sending the right cards in bc I have had tremendous success with CSG-graded cards. Do they get the same value as PSA? Obviously not, but if I can send in 20 Yordan Alvarez 2020 Topps RCs (at 7.20/card at the time) that I paid $5 for, then get majority 9.5s (with 2 or 3 10s) and sell them regularly for 15-25 bucks each, I've essentially 2x-3x my profit for having them graded with CSG. Grading and selling with CSG is all about sending them the correct cards and getting the highest grades. If you deviate outside of that right now you're going to be in for a bad time. I would also argue that if you are sending in cards 100% to turn and flip, if they don't sell as well then that's still really on you bc you have to be able to know what's going on in the market. There are certain cards I just won't send in to be graded bc I know, no matter what, no one is going to give me even the grading fee for it. But yeah, so far, after 3 bulk orders back I have made literally thousands off their cards on ebay and other outlets.
  16. Again, proving you just don't know what you are talking about. Aren't you embarrassed at this point? SGC puts high-res images, front and back, in their database for you to access at any time. They have been doing this for awhile. Again, just embarrassing.
  17. I would pretty much point to this post as the most accurate response. He pretty much hit the nail on the head with every sentence.
  18. I think it looks great as is so I would just have it authenticated. If it is indeed hand painted then that's what gives it the value, along with being limited in availability, therefore I'd argue the actual value of the card isn't resting so much on whether it was handled or not. It's hard to see where it was handled from the pic you posted so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Great card and it would be great to have authenticated for sure. Also, don't listen to the person who first responded to you. He's a big baby and doesn't like CSG for whatever crazy reason and just goes around dogging them when and wherever he can. He is the Captain of Team Complain here on these boards, along with "KBost33"
  19. I don't know if there is a way to determine who is truly the toughest in the business without a revealing look behind the curtain at peoples' grading process, to be frank, but from my experience CSG is absolutely one of the tougher ones. HGA seems to be extremely tough, too. I'd say, from personal experience (I have been grading cards for over 20 years, over 30 in the hobby), from toughest to most lenient is: 1) HGA 2) CSG 3) SGC 4) PSA Ironically, I think bc they are the most lenient is why PSA cards do so well. As a percentage, I routinely have more 10s from PSA than I do from anyone else. I think that has changed a bit since they started implementing AI in their grading process, but that is based on a very small sample set so I wouldn't want to extrapolate that out to say anything definite. People want 10s, bottom line, and bc PSA doesn't have a 9.5 or a "Pristine 10" or anything that separates a 'regular' GEM MINT 10 from the truly best of the best I think that's why people continue to go with them - you can have a clearly imperfect card labeled a 10 by PSA, even if the centering is at 60/40, which to me is just absurd. In my personal opinion, I WANT a tougher grading company bc that shows me the highest graded cards are really the best of the best. ETA: I want to add here, too, that I am still grading with PSA and SGC right now, but not BGS. I haven't used BSG in over 5 years bc their company is just an absolute sh*itshow, but PSA and SGC still continue to be very reliable for me. In fact, I just sent in my copy of LBJ's 2003 Bowman Chrome Rookies and Stars and it got a 10, and those bad boys are going for about 6K on eBay right now. I wouldn't have even thought about sending that card to anyone else bc 1) PSA graded cards get the most value in return and 2) their more lax grading gives me more of a chance at said value.
  20. Why??? Bc I castigate Team Complain on here? Does everyone that speaks against your uninformed opinions work for the company you're complaining about? How far do we stretch out this logic? And yes, they have some issues to iron out, just what I said. I think it is beyond absurd they are still taking as many bulk submissions as they can. They are only serving themselves to be set up to have to deal with people like you, KBost33, etc. so I don't know why they'd continue to do that other than to get their pop report up as quickly as possible. That is the very first and most prominent thing I can think of, but there are definitely other issues they have that *desperately* need work. It's like you and others on Team Complain gloss over or just completely ignore my MANY instances of pointing out where CSG has gone wrong and just stick to the parts where I call you out on your BS, to which I sort of understand bc you and Team Complain (TM) have the emotional capability of my 6-year-old nephew.
  21. CSG opened BEFORE PSA shut down you ignoramus. So, again, I'll say for those in the back - there was literally NO WAY for CSg or ANY of the other companies to know that PSA would shut their doors, therefore negating any knowledge of the incoming avalanche. Also, I literally said to you "i think they are making a huge mistake by not limiting the number of bulk submissions they are accepting" therefore *almost* agreeing with you on certain points, but for you to continue to insist CSG should have known what was coming when they opened BEFORE PSA shut things down is just the definition of stupid and uninformed.
  22. Hey bro would you mind telling me what date it was received etc? I'm trying to get as best an estimate as i can for my next one. Thanks in advance!
  23. Here ya go. This one is just for you and others on Team Complain!
  24. I understand that you can and will say anything you want about CSG, but I'm going to explain to you how the real world works. If YOU are the one making a claim, then YOU have to be one that proves that claim, or else WE get to come on here and tell you how stupid it is that you are making unsubstantiated claims. Furthermore, just bc others are having delays, also, doesn't mean that CSG is doing what you claimed, "holding them until they feel like it." So, again, go ahead and say any and everything you want, but just know that once you do others are going to ask for proof of your claims, and "just look at other posts on here" doesn't prove a GD thing except to show others how comically inept you are at using logic and avoiding fallacies.
  25. In terms of answering your question, it's something I hadn't even noticed before, and from that I can only conclude that it just isn't a big deal to me, even after your pointing it out. I can see why you'd be concerned though, for sure. I'd also add that CSG has a lot more to worry about right now than the centering on their labels. People are pissed, no matter how illogical, about their estimated TATs and other issues that a select and VERY loud few, esp on these boards, have been voicing their opinions on for awhile now. At one point, CSG literally lost the credit card numbers of seemingly everyone that submitted one at one point, their slabs are still getting about 50-60% the value of PSA, and still lagging behind SGC in terms of value, too, so there's just a lot they need to work on. Again, I'm not saying there isn't value in what you are asking here, but I'd imagine it's item #57692363765 on a list of things a new company needs to take care of.