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  1. Bro I don't even know what you are trying to say here. There is not enough info to go on and I've read your post about 4x now and I have no clue what the problem even is.
  2. I mean, it clearly says checks in his response. At least give the appearance of caring
  3. SO you admit you know this is a USPS issue but are still looking for help here? I guess I'm confused what you are seeking then. It's an issue with the Post Office. Just keep calling them.
  4. I completely agree with you. They should absolutely cut off Bulk submissions right now, if not all their lower tiered submissions. But yes, I 100% agree.
  5. lmao what an ignorant comment. If you knew anything about shipping and the USPS tracking system you'd know this is a tracking issue and nothing to do with CSG. Some of these posts in this thread are just pathetic in their understanding of how the real world works.
  6. Seriously asking - do you have any concrete proof that PSA does this? I see ppl saying this all the time and 100% of the time i ask for proof of it no one can seem to provide it. So I'm curious where this started and why people say it. If you have proof of it then I'll change my tune, but until then I'd like to understand more your motivation for saying this.
  7. Honestly, with CSG the rules sort of go out the window, for a lack of a better term. I'm using CSG to solely churn and burn lower-tiered cards, so think like 2020 Topps Ronald Acuna Jr/Luis Robert/Gavin Lux/Vlad Jr etc etc etc Esp if you got the premium membership, that cuts down every grading tier's price by 10%, meaning the old rate of 8/card got chopped down to 7.20/card. At that rate all you have to do is send in 300 cards in a calendar year to literally make your membership price back, or even less cards with higher tiers. And, at 7.20/card you are pretty much guaranteed to make a
  8. Low-dollar card? Listen, I'm with you in sentiment here, but thr vast, and I mean VAST, majority of card collectors are only able to afford what you consider "low-dollar" cards, meaning 75-100 once graded. LuBob is legit one of the best young players in baseball and looks to be really good for a long time on a really good offensive team. Bash OP for his obvious wrongs in his post, but sending in 75 LuBobs if you have them for grading is an absolutely legit strategy, esp for people who can only afford that tier of cards. Chastising people for only being able to afford lower-tiered c
  9. No, it's not. They have a secure facility that it gets delivered to. They just haven't scanned it as received. Have patience.
  10. Thank you for this, but expecting the spazzoids on this website freaking out about turnaround times, etc to be nice and remain calm on the phone with people might be a monumental task lol.
  11. lmaooooo you actually believe they will give your graded cards back to someone else? Man, y'all are some straight up weirdos on here.
  12. Yeah, you and everyone else. All you do is complain on these boards lol. Anyone that has been following card grading over at least the past year knows what's up with all these comapnies (meaning they all have huge, glaring deficiencies) and once PSA shut its doors to everything except Super Express and up all rules flew out the window. The only thing CSG can do is protect themselves from liability, and they do that by updating their turnaround times, etc. As always, if you don't like them, take your money elsewhere.
  13. lmaooooo you have no idea how the legalities surrounding these types of things work, and you are coming off as someone who is relying on these cards to be your main income or something. Yes, it is obvious they couldn't handle the bulk orders in a timely fashion, and i don't like it one bit, but, as per their own website, they reserve the right to increase turnaround times whenever and however long they choose to do so. The answer to your problems is simple - if you don't like CSG then just go with another company.
  14. Lmao they put very specific clauses up that say, VERY explicitly, they have the right to determine/change/estimate turnaround times at their discretion. I'm not happy with the bulk turnaround times but you are complaining about something here that is literally spelled out for you on their website. They are absolutely playing within the rules. You just don't like the fact that they acted within their legal capacity.