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  1. Fyi.. most of grading co's have a lower threshold for back centering.
  2. And as usual, they disappear from the questions that get tough to address. Why can't admin. get real answers... come on CSG !
  3. They were dead at National the 4x i went by, sad.. PSA..BGS 25+ peeps lined up. Csg 2 people standing there. Hopefully it picks up but when I get my 40 cards I'll wait after that.
  4. It’s official! CSG is attending the National Sports Collectors Convention, taking place July 28–August 1, 2021, in Chicago. This is CSG’s first appearance at the National, in what may be the most highly anticipated sports card convention ever. After the annual event had to be cancelled last year, collectors and dealers are returning in a sports card market that is on fire. From CSG email....
  5. They only give the canned fluff corporate answers.. once someone asks serious questions they disappear.. sad
  6. 85% of my pricing is through ebay comps. Price it a little higher so when they ask for a deal you have wiggle room. More they buy the more willing I am to work with customers. You WILL get the hustlers saying.. but you'll save ebay fee's.. counter with..you will save shipping & get to see card now & don't have to take chance on lost or damaged. AND I have my table $ cost.
  7. I do a monthly card show in Tampa and I've done shows as far back as to Mid 1980s. Best advice I could give you his be organized before the show have your prices marked have some decent showcases don't have stuff just laying around on the table haphazardly I've seen many people set up as shows that quite frankly shouldn't be set up. It makes a world of difference if you have a nice display & have a good idea what you want for your cards. And get ready for the new breed the show attendees each walking around with their black hard case of slab cards to trade or sell ! Lol
  8. oh & another thing, like I pointed out. Check & see if csg has replied to anything I pointed out with a response.. I'll wait....
  9. You don't know jack. I work for nobody.. but if I'm spending my hard earned (retired $$) on grading (yes I have 40 cards at csg).. I sure as hell will point out the issues that need to be addressed ! You should be glad.. what are you a little sheep that keeps quiet all the time ?! Oh.. Can't say anything, everything will be fixed..... SOON 👍
  10. Another reason they are not currently doing shows.. They wouldn't be able to answer all our tough questions ! But..but.. its coming soon. I swear.. Lol
  11. I almost wish I didn't have 50 cards in to be graded.. There are numerous issues that I think they failed on when they opened, & still are. Pop report, holder size, present at big shows and other known issues that the guys from BGS that they hired should have been aware of and things in place before they opened. And last but not least.. they'll give you the fluff corporate answer on the message board but when it starts getting a little more involved they stop replying.
  12. They can fake ANYTHING nowadays Lol GET A POP REPORT !!