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    Thanks y'all! I even read the FAQs but totally missed that part.
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    Hey CSG! Just got back my first sub. Awesome slabs! I have a question about one of my card's overall grade. One of my cards has the following subgrades: Centering: 9.5 Corners: 8.5 Edges: 8.5 Surface: 9.5 It also had an auto which graded a 10 The overall grade is an 8.5. When I add up the subgrades I get 36, divided by the number of subgrades (4) I get 36 / 4 = 9. Is there a rule at play here preventing the card from getting an overall grade of a 9 in this circumstance? Thanks!
  3. I selected Panini >>> Donruss >>> Optic for all my Optic cards. Had to type/add Optic for each. But Panini owns the Donruss brand so it should be listed as such (just like the back of the card says). Plus, more words on the label is always good when the label is maybe a bit too gigantic.
  4. Funny, we had similar ideas. I have: Economy delivered 3/22 (not entered) Bulk delivered 4/2 (not entered) Bulk delivered 4/2 (not entered) I also have 2 other bulks that I've submitted online but have yet to mail out because of how long it's taking to enter. Gotta see some movement before I keep shipping to them.
  5. Technically they aren't making money until the cards get to the grading stage. I know they say no cancellations but I'm sure people could make a big enough stink on social media to have them return their sub before getting charged.
  6. Now I'm wondering what to do with my bulk order that I submitted last week. I haven't shipped out the cards yet (was waiting on card savers). Probably just wait to see how this all plays out. I don't want 60 cards in CSG jail for an unknown time. Maybe once they enter my other bulk subs I'll get a clearer picture.
  7. Hopefully they let me downgrade my economy order which was delivered on 3/16 to bulk since it's literally just 5 days difference.
  8. The optimist in me is hoping the times are for cards being submitted from here forward, not the 4 orders I placed in March. But I'm probably in denial. I chose CSG Economy specifically for Jokic and Mitchell cards that I wanted back during the playoffs because I have no intentions on holding those guys. Bummer I'm probably going to miss a sell window.
  9. Oof. The transparency is nice. The fact that many subbed prior to the turnaround times being updated is a bummer. Really no difference between Express/Standard and Economy/Bulk in terms of turnaround time now.
  10. For sure. But they also say "Current Turnaround (working days)". One would think if they aren't hitting those times that they'd update it to be, um, current. We haven't heard of people not getting their cards back in time yet, so that's why I'm hoping they'll make up time in the actual grading process. My economy sub from 3/16 hasn't been logged yet. We can change the service level once the sub appears in the system, right? I wonder if it makes sense to bump it up - was really hoping to get it back before the NBA playoffs.
  11. Good to know! Not terrible. Sounds like they are moving through the grading process a lot faster than the estimated times so hopefully they can still meet those turnaround times.
  12. Sent in an Economy order that was delivered 3/17 - still not received or entered into the system. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come especially with PSA shutting down. Was really hoping CSG would be the go-to for most submissions over the next year but not if they turn into PSA-lite with turnaround times. Still hope they can manage their turnaround times even with a delay in entering into the system.