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  1. dont pay attention to him. hes just frustrated because he still hasnt found his keys
  2. Agreed. Its an excessive amount. $2 more would be much more inline with the service you're getting. Like you said they've already formed a grade at least on paper in the process of grading the card as a whole so how does that justify $10 extra per card? IMO it doesnt
  3. Wow what are you smoking? I didnt even post what youre claiming I did. Maybe time for a good eye exam LOL
  4. Sorry to burst your bubble but be prepared to wait for 6 months to get your cards back
  5. whats the matter keys, is someone getting a little concerned about their cards? LMAO
  6. whats even more shady is how they have the ball$ to charge you a month or more before they ship your order.. thats REALLY shady!
  7. how many cards? they have been sitting on my 20 card economy order since 4/9
  8. im thinking the guy who lost his keys definitely must work for them or is being paid to troll the message boards to try and counter all the negative posts.. has to be.. theres no other explanation.. you are spot on with all your points btw.. its the lack of transparency that is really the worst part of all this.. when PSA got jammed up they atleast had one of their customer service people go on their Facebook page to try and explain to pissed off customers what was going on. its the little things that make a big difference. at least you knew they were genuinely concerned about the customer. these guys yeah not so much. they are good at copying and pasting from scripts but thats about it.. ok Dellberto go ahead and put your laughing emoji up.. i'll wait
  9. and this total BS of charging waaaaaay before shipping has got to stop as well!! thats just shady business practice all around!! imagine you did that with your clients..youd be wearing an orange jump suit before too long
  10. i know someone looking for his keys whos gonna get triggered by your post lmao
  11. Well said. There's no possible way that anyone could have such a glowing outlook on this company right now. You were spot on on every point. Once again, what appears to be the obvious to most normal people is not for others. go figure