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  1. Thats amazing you got your bulk order so fast. Were you happy with the results? I also sent bulk orders in March and April and they just got checked in, so it took about three months to hit the system. I agree CSG has bungled the standard and economy tiers but bulk turn around times for PSA and Beckett lowest tiers are about a year or more. So CSG turnaround times for bulk are comparable to PSA and Beckett.
  2. My 2 bulks order have finally hit the system. it took a little under 3 months from when they received the cards. Now the 200 day turn around time. any thoughts on how the industry can improve on the 8-12 turn around times?
  3. How long was the turnaround time for the three orders. are you please with the slabs and grades?
  4. Except for SGC who has turnaround time less than 2 weeks. PSA, BGS and CSG all have turnaround time between 8-12 months for the bulk tier. Its the current state of the grading industry. I have accepted the fact I will probably not see my cards until next year.
  5. My bulk order has been added to the CSG system. Delivered April 6 and Entered June 11. Approximately 2 months to process into CSG system.
  6. same experience 13 cards received back in one week by SGC. amazing.
  7. What are the main reasons there is such a big difference in prices sold for PSA, BGS, SGC, CSG and others. For example, I just purchase a 1996 SKYBOX PREMIUM ROOKIE #55 Kobe Bryant Rookie Card PSA for $250 but I also got a SGC 9 of the same card for $110.
  8. Turnarounds for all the grading companies is a huge issue at this time for the bulk tier. Beckett TAT is over 11 months, PSA before it shutdown was 8- 12 months, CSG looks like 8-12 months. What are some possible solutions? Limiting the number of submission per user, increase the price of submissions, only accept a certain amount of submissions each week similar to HGA, eliminate bulk submissions, hire more people. Any ideas how things can get better for the grading industry in terms of TAT?
  9. Wow 199 working days plus at least 2 months to enter into the system, geez we are looking at least one year to get your cards back. any prediction on the current backlog. a couple million cards?
  10. This thread made me think about what is the minimal value a card should be for it to be submitted given the increase in price to grade card. Does anyone have a general rule to break even or minimal value of a card for submissions. Most of the cards I have submitted so far range in value between $20-$50 for bulk service.
  11. Do i need to crack the card out for the slab for the crossover service or does CSG take the card out of the slab?
  12. With the current state of sportcards grading and the backlogs at all companies, I have decided to wait patiently for my orders at CSG and PSA. Currently I have about 600 cards at CSG all delivered in late March and none entered in the system. While my 100 cards at PSA were delivered in early April and they have been entered by PSA. Nevertheless, I have accepted the fact turnaround times at both companies will be 8 months are more. So I should get a nice Christmas package from both companies at the end of the year.
  13. Latest from CSG page: Now opening submissions delivered the week of March 29, 2021.
  14. To limit all the emails and posts on when submissions are entered. Is it possible for CSG to add a Complete through date for each tier, similar to what PSA currently has. Just a suggestion.