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  1. Hi, I have high quality storage cases for sale. No pick & pluck foam junk. Pre-cut EVA foam for sturdiness & professional look. They hold PSA and BGS slabs. While I don't have any CSG cases, the width side to side is 83MM or 8.3 CM. If the CSG slab is wider, can someone tell me so I can remove this post. The 180 and 270 are PSA numbers. If the thickness of CSG is the same, then it should remain the same. 4 row Savior Edition - Holds 180 slabs $150 delivered 6 row Hercules Edition - Holds 270 slabs $225 delivered More pictures available upon request. Will accept Paypal. You can send me an email directly at slabbedgems@aol.com or message me here Thanks, Bryan P.S. I'm also the _EagleEyeKid_ on the PSA forums
  2. Sorry to hear about that MJ. Not to sidetrack this thread, but does CSG charge your CC after the sub is done or when it's logged?
  3. Are they still charging you for SU cards? Seems unfair if they are, as it's not something you did. I can understand for cards deemed trimmed, or altered.
  4. I think if you're going to use a company that offers subgrades (even if they charge for it), use it. Without subgrades on this brand, the label just looks uglier with all the extra unused space. I'll be honest, If i'm going to purchase a CSG card, I want the subgrades on it.