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  1. I gave up on selling my CSG cards just for that reason. I have cracked most and have them listed as raw cards. Its a shame too, I really like the slabs but they are just not getting any traction on Ebay. Even on the CSG FB group site people list nice cards but nothing moves.
  2. Is the $5 upcharge for thicker cards new ? I don't remember seeing that on my earlier subs ?
  3. Of course subs matter, everyone prefers subs.. Cheap $10 cards no but any card of value that is a 9.5 or better you will always make more money on a card with subs
  4. First every short print graded by CSG HAS to be noted somehow, and Secondly if CSG wants to be considered a top tier grader they most certainly HAVE to know and be able to distinguish every variation that comes their way. Yes they may miss on from time to time but not because they didnt know it was a variation.
  5. Ruth, Gehrig, Dimaggio, Mantle, Berra, Maris, Jeter probably has a little something to do with it.
  6. I would experiment with some cards you think should grade high, send them in and see what you get or post some pics of a couple and let us look at them. Even if these cards (pre 90's) have been taking well care of they will not get 10's especially with CSG. Don't get me wrong I really like CSG and they are a great option for grading but the graders that grade using the 4 sub grades are almost impossible to get 10's even on new cards. I recently sent in a couple hundred cards when they were charging $8 a card just to get them slabbed knowing the slab really isn't going to increase the value. Unfortunately CSG is really the only affordable option for grading now, so send some of the better ones in (don't send in person auto cards your first go around) and see what you think.
  7. Has anyone heard what their onsite grading fees will be ?
  8. You are missing the whole point.... NOTHING is going to get fixed SOON for any of the grading companies.....
  9. I wouldn't reply to your either lolol Go back to HGA forums oh wait they don't have any
  10. Guy all you have to do is be a part of a half dozen of the larger FB groups to see that a ton of CSG cards are out there,
  11. I love the fact they quit carrying cards, I wish Meijers would join them. Target has also set up limits on and will cancel any orders that go over the limit. I have been able to buy retail online the last 3 weeks without even leaving my house and driving around to 5 different stores. Thanks to all the jobless flippers that kept fighting in the stores !!
  12. Its one of those "Well its just the way its always been" things. PSA has been around the longest and has the most graded cards in the wild. I also think the biggest reason for PSA success is they only have one single grade and do not do 9.5 half grades. Because of this you will see many more PSA 10's than any other grading company, they are almost impossible with Beckett of CSG. For right or wrong, good or bad people want a 10 and will pay more for it. At the end of the day if we are grading 50 cards and we want the biggest value reward most of the time you are better sending cards to PSA. Until collectors pay equal money for a PSA 10 vs a True Gem Mint 9.5 card this is just the way its going to be.
  13. And those subs are actively being graded at each of the companies. It sucks I agree but when the amount of cards is so great that PSA has to shut down to catch up clearly there was a Tsunami that no company was prepared for. Some things you just cant throw money at the resolve the problem over night. Clearly PSA is actively retooling, they have shared everything the are currently doing to be better, CSG is a huge grading company that I am sure are currently working to resolve the turn around times. CSG is in the best seat of them all right now. They are currently dumping 1000's of freshly graded cards into the market which are popping up all over facebook and Ebay. If they use their head they could become a larger sports card grading company than Beckett. PSA is going to remain King and HSA is going to go the way of Blockbuster.
  14. Post a picture of the card front and back and lets see this gem...
  15. I just clicked your name and read all the post you have currently made on these forums... WOW how much is HGA paying you to just talk all day long ?