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  1. I can’t imagine anyone sending cards of value for grading would ever send them without adding the minimal charge for signature confirmation. Really?
  2. I disagree with the concept of multiple locations. If anything has been learned the past year from the pandemic, Amazon and zoom, it’s that we don’t need brick and mortar locations to succeed at many things. Delivery overnight isn’t expensive and big companies have seen an emphasis on controlling costs and employee quality in a single location. Amazon breaks the norm because their size isn’t a comparable, they are a freak they are so big. I expect to see PSA to make the hard decision to move to Texas at some point because California is a terrible place for a business of their type. I sin
  3. I think I will educate myself on hurricane seasons and avoid them for submissions
  4. https://topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/consumer-products/psa-card-class-action-says-altered-baseball-cards-graded-auctioned ????
  5. JJrad

    Mixed submission

    what is the proper way to submit cards if i am sending 20 cards total with a mix of 2 express, 10 economy and 8 standard. do i need to separate the different tiers physically or just on the submission form? If i want sub grades on only 10 cards is that only noted on submission form?