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  1. Congrats and welcome to the land of "You've chosen to ignore content by ne1seenmykeys". It's nice here.
  2. If the card grades a 10, how much is it worth? IMHO that card should not be graded until Trea makes the hall of fame. To each his own I guess, if its for pc, then go ahead. but it sounds like you want to grade quantity and you will probably lose money.
  3. n Not only will I not grade with them, I won't ever purchase another SGC slab again. check out my video.
  4. Link to my video about SGC grading if anyone wants to check it out.
  5. I waited a month for that review and had to call and they sent me the label. Stay on top of it, they arent reviewing anything.
  6. def get subs on the higher end cards. I think it all comes down to what you are grading. dont pay 25 to grade a card worth 10 bucks if that makes sense. I have been buying CSG slabs with subgrades for under $10, dont be the guy giving away his money.
  7. I had to send back 1 out of 9 on my 1st order and same thing. I had it right on the sheet and they ignored it. they also ignored the back of the card which also says what set it is from.
  8. Congrats on the 10! Lol at the 5.5, this will happen, looks like you caught most everything else. Show that 10!
  9. Bulk order sent 3/30 Received 6/7 Scheduled for grading(sometime this month)? 60 Day TAT Bulk order sent 4/26 Received 7/26 Scheduled for grading(immediately) 60 Day TAT(might've been 90, this was right when psa closed) for anybody wondering about their cards or thinking about sending in. This is what I'm working with. Also working on another bulk order for what its worth. TAT not the most important thing to me, and by no means does this mean take your time with my junk CSG. I want my babies back!
  10. Hobby lobby just started carrying cards recently. Call your local store and find out.
  11. I dont care who you are, that right there is funny! And dang you for making me check my bulks to see if I put an 88 Donruss in there! Glavine maybe but it wouldve had to have been perfect in every way.
  12. You damn right! haha, I have a topps rip mini bichette there. Like you said though, I don't want any card bouncing around in any slab, pet peeve of mine. I love the clean look you get without the sleeve, thats all.
  13. I am only using CSG for pc cards. I want my slabs to be uniform and look alike. Like Ashky said, the slabs are beautiful and the cost is the lowest around right now. I would take it a step further though and suggest that you do your own slab research and see what you prefer. Buy a slab from each company and compare the quality and what appeals to you. I would not even consider sending a card for my pc or to display to PSA(resell is different). I cant stand the way the cards slide around in the psa slabs and they feel and look cheap to me. IMO BGS and CSG slabs are the best quality and look the best for display. I have voiced my opinion on SGC around these boards and I would stay away from them for pc(which is a shame because I like the black border, I just don't like the way cards can get stuck behind or damaged from the same border). If you have not held a CSG slab in your hand, you really need to. You think you like it now, but wait'll you drive it.
  14. huh? the cost of grading the card is what they are going to charge you and the swings the card will incur while sitting in a warehouse for months. The value of your ungraded card is its raw value. the potential value is expected ROI(return on investment) after grading.