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  1. Accurate, that is the week that PSA shutdown. I wouldn't expect that to move for another month
  2. That is strange. One thing I haven't seen alot of mention of is that the cards sit perfectly in the slab. there is no play to move around(which I like). I think that this might be why they have to wait for larger holders because the holders are very specific to size. While being a PITA for turnaround times, this has been one of my biggest gripes with psa slabs and other companies with the cards moving around in the slab and causing damage. In the long run, I think this will be good once they figure out the supply chain problem and the insane state of grading settles down.
  3. Very nice! Grats on the 10, sick card! I got 9.5 on my LaFreniere YG was very happy.
  4. Go into my submission status and click on the link for Finalized/Imaged/Shipped, takes you to fedex tracking.
  5. Yeah? Well, you know, that's just like uh, your opinion man.
  6. 2021 Topps® Series 2 Baseball - Hobby on Topps Website if you hurry
  7. I found some and this is accurate, all camos were there in packs. Still think they are cheesing us out of some base but whatever.
  8. I have a pack fresh beauty along with a Bo Breaker in my bulk order. Will let you know when they come through! Love that Bo!
  9. Economy Order 9 Cards Delivered: 3/22 Received: 4/30 Scheduled For Grading: 5/10 Grading/QC: 6/2 Shipped: 6/7 Bulk Order Delivered: 3/30 Received: 6/7 Things seem to be moving. Will update when I get my first shipment. I got emails for both the finished order and the bulk order being received. Hope this helps some of you, good luck!
  10. Naw, you just nitpick through posts to follow your agenda. Wouldn't it be great if we were all here showing off our slabs and talking about how great our experience was? Yeah it would.
  11. Just sent cards for my PC. I have never said douchey things like churn and burn so I guess you win? Not sure your beef with every person you encounter, you come off as a sad lonely person looking for attention.
  12. I found the secret. Take your kid to Dave and Buster's, have a hell of a time. Come home and see Status: Grading/Quality Control 6/2
  13. I only found fat packs unfortunately. They did screw up the Heritage mega boxes but the sparkles were in the packs.