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  1. They walked that back a while ago I believe. It's now from delivery date. Not that it matters much when it starts. Mine was delivered 4/2, "received" 5/24, still hasn't hit G/QC. Seems FIFO might be questionable.
  2. I'm assuming USPS? For someone reason those are never linked like FedEx.
  3. Side note, I never understood grading a 1/1.
  4. I guarantee whoever's poor managerial skills that got us here doesn't have their check stuck in GEI or an "estimated" time frame on their pay day.
  5. That scares me lol. I have been there over a month already. I was hoping it was near the end.
  6. You're the second or third person to say that in regards to him. Seems to be a theme here. I also agree with your thoughts. People defend them with the "estimate" part. Even by definition "estimate" is close, approximate, ballpark, rough guess, etc. "Estimate" doesn't condone pulling a wild number out of your and slapping it up on the TAT page. Going 2-3x is brutal. The worst part is, they haven't done anything to limit subs in any meaningful way. Limit subs per account, per month. Boom. Instead they backed themselves into a corner where the only thing you can really use this company for is cheap mess cards. For $30 standard at 67 or 87 or whatever it is I could pay that for SGC and have it back in three weeks AND sell it for a higher return. No one is sweating them if they take a week extra, I agree. I'll use my order for example. They told me TAT was at 80 days when I sent it in 4/2. Talked to them(Paid and called July 26th). CS rep said it would ship no later than Aug 16th. I'm currently at 104 business days and was told it would be about Sep 24th. This is after I've paid a thousand bucks for the order. Makes me feel like I got shafted and they didn't even have the decency to spit on it first. TLDR, I Agree. Think you've very accurately explained how myself and others feel.
  7. How is that not even close to accurate? If it's a $2000 card, I can afford $200 to have it graded in a week for maximum return. If it's a $300-400 I can run it through SGC for $30 and have it back in a few weeks with decent return. CSG prices have become too high for the length of time they take and the return. Sub $100 cards at $12 apiece is the only thing that makes sense for strictly selling purposes. The black inserts aren't the cleanest, as I have a few cards with oddly cut inserts, but as long as the person buying is alright with their service, that's all that matters to me. Example, I sold an SGC 10 Premier Level Joe Burrow Select silver for $250 and other have gone for 200+. Last one CSG on ebay is a 9.5 with one 10 subgrade sold for $113.
  8. CSG exist almost exclusively for low-end cards. Card is expensive? Drop $200 for PSA. Card is mid range, go SGC $30. Card is cheap, CSG bulk it is.
  9. I don't remember. It was delivered April 2nd I think. I care less about it still being in GEI than I do about being billed so far away from it getting shipped.
  10. I paid over a month ago, and it still hasn't moved out of G/E/I lol. Like what the actual .
  11. I think it's quite the stretch to consider it freaking out when you have expectations and paying $1k a month in advance before it's ready to be shipped back. Maybe most people don't like getting bent, but it's cool if you do. No judgement.
  12. Even "GMA" if you want to consider that a grading service had a backlog when CSG started. Estimates are wildly_fanciful_statement, when you call customer service they feed you wildly_fanciful_statement, and I think I've had issues with three orders out of six. One was a damaged card when it was slabbed, two were incorrect labels... The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Doesn't matter if the grading is good, or what the finished product looks like if you alienate your customers by bending them over and plowing them at every turn. Their decisions aren't oriented towards putting the customer first.
  13. The most effective way use this form is to avoid it altogether.