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  1. Next up in this collection is a 1997 Score Board Chase Authentic Autograph Card of Rae Caruth. Rae was the obvious next choice in this collection of those in the NFL that have encountered Legal Troubles. At this point most everyone knows Rae's story. If you are unfamiliar do a google search or read the text below the card. Crimes[edit] On November 16, 1999, near Carruth's home in Charlotte, North Carolina, Cherica Adams, a real estate agent he had been casually dating, was shot four times from a .357 caliber Charter Arms revolver by Van Brett Watkins Sr
  2. Going to focus on NFL... I saw the news today on Phillip Adams and apparently he does not have any autograph chase cards. As soon as the alerts came in I immediately went to eBay.
  3. Coming up later this week... Rae Caruth
  4. The next card I picked up was OJ Simpson. If you are going to try and build a NFL Legal Troubles Collection then you have to go with OJ. Now, there is no chase autograph for OJ as such a concept came into existence after the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and no card company would want to touch him. However OJ DID sign these 1994 OJ Simpsons cards marked with the date of his acquittal. The card is ungraded but PSA / DNA certified. It's the best one can do in this case. From here on out though all cards are chase autographs and will eventually be submitted to CSG with the hopes that they
  5. Topps 2010 C87 This was the first card in the collection that I picked up having bought this from a CGC board member at auction on eBay. After picking this card up, I wondered how many NFL players that found themselves in legal trouble also had chase autograph cards issued. The results, as you will see are astounding. This journal will showcase each card in my collection along with the wikipedia entry for the trouble they found themselves in. Legal issues Hernandez had a number of run-ins with the law throughout his life, beginning just a few months after he arrived in
  6. Delete
  7. The NFL Legal Troubles Collection focuses on chase autograph cards that I pick up of NFL players past and present, alive and deceased, incarcerated, acquitted, paroled, or agreed to a plea bargain that found themselves on the wrong side of the law. The card I own will be showcased along with my commentary as well as the wikipedia entry detailing their actions that led to be part of this club. Enjoy and feel free to comment. Aaron Hernandez OJ Simpson Rae Caruth
  8. Before Covid this was a problem with Fed Ex. (At least on Long Island) They signed for a Superman 3 that I had bought and left it at the wrong address. They tried to say that I was home and signed for it. I was at work when it was signed for. I called Comiclink and I think they joined in and called Fed Ex as well. I eventually got my package and the Fed Ex driver complained to me that I almost cost him his job. I think (think) that Bob Storms had a situation where a customer of his had a package signed for by Fed Ex and left on the doorstep. A porch pirate took the parcel.