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  1. I have a card from USA grading company, which is no longer in existence. Can I just submit it with my normal bulk and CSG crack it, if I want it crossed over at any grade or do I need to have a separate submission for it?
  2. Awesome! So if upgrade today and have orders in the queue but not invoiced, would I still be eligible to use my credit AND the 10% discount, as long as I have not been invoiced yet? Thanks again for your assistance.
  3. I have previously joined as a Premium member and already used the $150 grading credit for that tier. I am seeing offers to "upgrade" to Elite, but the price to upgrade is almost equal to the original price of the Elite Membership. Question is: If I were to "upgrade", would I get a new $150 grading credit, along with the other benefits such as the 10% off grading submissions?
  4. Word on the street was that folks were subbing 1 express with their Bulk and we're able to jump the line of purely bulk submitters. With turnaround now being 9 months, this is definitely a huge issue; has anything been done to address this?