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  1. This was one of my packages. Arrived at CSG, was signed for. March 24th, bulk, 50 card order. Still not in system. Shows that CSG has not received any packages in 3 months. I have 250 cards(5 orders) there now. 0 are in system. Gonna send in some today that are express to see if they get back before these are even started.
  2. Exactly! Way to long! Not enough to give them $2 more per card though..but frustrating for sure.
  3. Also, don't like how you can't save your sub halfway through, or see what other subs you have entered. Once you print it, it is gone. Please mimic system PSA uses. No need to reinvent the wheel here. Obviously collectors like it, and are use to that style.
  4. Anyone else have to enter the data into the field more than once? That total sucks.
  5. Yes, I sent to PO box. They signed for it.
  6. Have 4 packages there now, they were all signed for on 3/20ish, not checked in yet.
  7. No joke.. smh. I did get an emergency back-up person in case I have a heart attack cause I actually get a PSA box back. SMH
  8. As an investor, would be great play to buy the CSG, and see if it is worth cracking out and shooting for a 10? You know a 9 at CSG could be a GEM 10 at PSA.. That is real thing to look at, is there a $300 plus difference in GEM 10 vs CSG 9? If so, worth a shot.. $1375 CSG 9, PSA 10 $$2300, I would crack that in a heartbeat! If you were that type of flipper.. which I think is gonna be next flip market... buying cheaper slabs, and flipping up...
  9. Same, Have 3000+ cards at PSA now, just sitting there. SO many Shaqs, Jordans, Bradys, etc. sigh
  10. I definitely agree PSA is best company for a true reseller cause they "give" out more 10's. I was gonna send more to CSG, but truthfully, I am scared to send cards that sell for over a $1000 in pSA 10 condition to CSG. Especially since I know I have pulled several GEMS out of same case already. (Granted I know, not 100% fool proof on that). But sending in a 2016 Bowman Tatis Chrome per say, that I know I have GEM'ed 10 5 at PSA, to risk getting a 9 at CSG, and lose $300-400 doesn't offset the cheaper submit fees. $300 is alot of subs... PSA 10's are so easy to sell. Not enough data yet on rese
  11. You hit nail on the head. I have over 3000 cards at PSA. I knew they were so backed up, and it would take awhile for my cards to get back. SO, I just figured might as use their facility like a storage place for my cards, since they do charge us to hold them in line. I would bet if people had to pay up front for cards they sent in, it would cut down on people "floating" on grading companies. That would suck though for me personally. I know these are just cards, and not as important as life, but can you imagine if one of these companies were effected by a natural disaster?? Got one company
  12. I am gonna bet that Topps will be doing something like real soon since they are going public. Will sell slabbed cards, right on site. Just like when you buy meat, if you want guaranteed best "cut" you can buy it like a Kobe or T-Bone steak. What I don't think we need are more new grading companies. I think the ones we have now are sufficient. They just need to expand there locations.
  13. Yeah, I know. I wish we could watch "live" like a TV show. Would be crazy to see.
  14. back. Surely you get a bunch of used ones. Never understood why grading companies don't make those available to their customers. Would love to buy some of mine back! Any chance you will start selling them back? Hopefully they aren't just getting tossed.
  15. Exactly!! People can send whatever they want! Heck, I saw people send in Donruss puzzle pieces to PSA.. and people who hope people to out of business cause they like to flip, or hope prices fall cause they can't get their cards instantly back, they are the worst. I personally hope everyone makes money. I agree would love to see few more spots open up in other states. Would love to see one in Kansas, since taxes here for businesses are so low. Plenty of incentive to build one here.