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  1. printers way back then were very pixelated. it looks legit, but just get it graded. for authentic jordan RCs, doesnt matter the grade, people mostly want to know if its real.
  2. Just to clarify the express PSA actually took a little over three months for my PC cards. So should I be pissed at wait times? Go to SGC and HGA. I prefer clear slabs. there's none clearer. I keep my PC CSG, PSA and BGS.
  3. Go ahead and send to PSA for $200 express , $ 300 super express. My $200 express submission with them for three cards took three months. BGS is the same although they only accept premium at the moment. Most of my cards are PC, CSG maybe new but their parent company has been grading for ages and the tops in comics and coins. They are new to CCGs and sporting cards and has just had a major investment by a group headed by Blackstone and Fanatics. The same Fanatics thats taking over the NBA, MLB and NFL licenses. I doubt they'll stop there. I'm here for the long run and cards I flip I send to SGC for $30 a pop with fast turnaround and more recognizeable than HGA. High ends I flip, I will send super express to PSA or BGS if its an auto patch/GU. But CSG gets my PC. I have cards that has been in PSA since last year, same with BGS, wait their there longer duhhh. I don't mind waiting. I'm more of a collector investor anyway.
  4. thank you for starting to do shows. I saw your announcement that you guys will be at the Philly card show, nice! However, the Dallas card show is the biggest show outside of the nationals, I hope someday we'll get to see you there. I have been to several dallas shows and have seen people lining up at Dallas Card Investor for grading. RCG has been there too and another company came last show. It would be nice to see you there. I have a lot of respect for CGC, CSG and group of companies. I really love your slabs.
  5. I sent a few Metal universe and Metal Universe Championship Duncan rookies for my PC to them
  6. They're just saying they are considering legal options so they don't look too bad but everybody knows they shill bid and they'd be hard pressed if all that data from ebay comes out. I'd be paying Ebay to keep shut if I were them.
  7. I wonder since fanatics bought league licenses since they have stake in CGC if there’s a possibility of slabs or at least labels with official league logos?
  8. So in a few years, Fanatics is taking over the card market. Kinda sad for Topps loved their product. I hope Fanatics buys them out and keeps the iconic sets. This is the same Fanatics who bought a stake in CGC. What now?
  9. i would like to see a youtube video on using this new form too. everytime i try to complete an entry on cards that usually populate with the old form it doesn't appear and i always wind up clicking on cant find entry and typing everything, it is frustrating.
  10. older form was better. I am ending up just typing all my subs
  11. there's a CSG facebook group where some subbers have been buying and selling their csg slabs
  12. sent 8 relic cards to them and though happy with the grades, pretty disappointed in that there are so much movement in the cards :-(, did anyone else had this issue with SGC?
  13. It's nice to see that CSG had a presence in the Nationals but I hope that they continue on this and make an appearance in the Dallas Card shows too. I go regularly to the DCS as I am local and often see people starving for on site grading and looking for alternatives, some going to Dallas Card Investors for grading needs or RCG who had a booth there. I saw CSG slabs in some booths and they are starting to make appearances. Even though\ CSG is under C CG they need are still new to sports cards grading and need to continue to mArket their product. A lot of people I've shown my slabs to are liking the slabs. Also, I hope pop reports are in the works, a lot of collectors love this and will greatly improve marketability of the CSG product.
  14. Thats a good suggestion. Try a few slabs of each. Lately I sent a few relic refractor cards and patch cards to SGC for resale as they have quick turnarounds. The grades fair but pretty disappointed that the cards move around a lot in the slabs. I'll try to upload a link on a video here but i'll make a video on youtube. The relic refractor card I sen t to CSG is pretty snug, my old relic card from BGS is pretty snug too in comparison.
  15. exactly. now, you have to have two categories for PSA slabs if you're a collector. old standard to new standard slabs. You ahve to ask a question is this really gem mint? Do I resubmit? DO I pay the PSA 10 price? This again brings into the value of subgrades. Why I love subgrades. It tells you how the grade is reached at not just a number that you trust the so called experts agree to. Its very convenient when they tell you how they arrive at that number and not have to try and figure it out.
  16. For me, the advantages for sending to CSG for a PC card that I have no intention of selling is that: 1. the slabs are beautiful; 2. they are cheap compared to PSA or BGS. I usually send economy and request subgrades as I like the subgrades for my PC. The quality and feel of the slabs is premium. At the moment, their resell value is not much as most of the public aren't even aware of them yet, their slabs are only starting to appear in the market and most buyers are still approaching them with a wait and see approach. Sending economy is cheaper but they come with a long turnaround time. I don't mind a long turnaround time as the cards are going to my PC and not intended for resell. If I were reselling, if it were high $$$ I would send to PSA atm or if lower to mid tier you can consider SGC. I believe over time they will continue to gain recognition and climb up value wise as a grader.
  17. Agree. As an old collector, and talking to true hobbyists, most collectors will prefer true BGS 9.5 and pristine 10 over a PSA 10. It's only those flipping that like the PSA 10's. In time, this will flip and old PSA 10's will be lesser value. I dont even buy the old PSA slabs anymore because I don't trust their tens. Changing their standard of grading is a ding on the company its like saying they were too lenient and now their tightening up. What does that say about their old grades? Ive seen so many PSA 10s that are so off centered. In fact, I own a few. I'd prefer CSG/BGS true 9.5's and tens over PSA anytime for my PC.
  18. I'm curious what happens next
  19. anyone bringing their CSG slabs to the DCS this July? Hoping to see CSG slabs at the show. Going to bring a few of mine. Looking to pick up some Tim Duncan's for PC or Devin Vassell and move some cards too.
  20. It looks legit to me too. Plus the seller has great feedback.