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  1. Each grading company may have their different standards. Thats my issue with PSA though I still send to them. Ive seen PSA 10's that are off centered especially with the earlier cards. It felt like they padded their starts before the boom so more people will send, and now they suddenly become very strict and rumours say controlling the population of tens. People will still send to them because of profits but as far as quality standards I trust BGS more and now starting to like CSG, thus sending my 6th batch this week.
  2. ive sent some with flaws so I can get an idea how they grade since most of the cards I sent go to my PC anyway. They all have subgrades. Five batches, first batch already back, second just entered and scheduled for grading and waiting on three more to be entered. Sending a 6th batch, mostly PC.
  3. Ive bought semi rigids from their sister company and it will arrive just that its not amazon, be patient, it will come. I wonder though if they clean the ones we send with our submissions and repack them *grin* , it's not that I care as other companies wont return either
  4. 6.5, ouch on the surface! BGS did that to me on my Tim Duncan rookie credentials,, what hurt was 9.5, 9.5, 9, 6.5 surface ughhhhhh
  5. dont really remember my first pack but i remember the first card I owned that started me to collect Tim Duncan was his Upper Deck Rookie card, and the first card that turned me to a serious collector was his topps chrome sports illustrated relic refractor /50
  6. Will you guys be there and if yes will there be on site grading or authentication? Hopefully, you guys will be on more local shows statewide as I really do like your slabs. I believe as more people see your slabs, it will get more recognition. I'm from Dallas, went to a small card show sponsored by Dallas Card Show in fort worth this week, couldn't see a single CSG slab. Expecting to see those pop out in the big show 450+ tables this May 20-23. I'll also be in the nationals hunting for more Tim Duncan and hoping some of the slabs I sent to you guys would be back then, some to keep, some to s
  7. I submitted a Duncan diec cut prodigy refractor, and I have a lot more die cut cards I want to submit but kinda worried the cards would move in the slab. Do you guys do any extra feature or the slabs secure that the die cuts wont move in the slabs? Thanks for clarifying the first question posted by author. Some die cuts like panini revoljution lift off, skybox apex cutting edge plus and stadium club beam team have a little more space in them
  8. i personally prefer a subgraded 9.5 or pristine/perfect 10 vs a PSA 10. its the flippers thats driving the premium craze over PSA. If I buy a card for my collection, I do want to know what makes its grade so.
  9. have three packages 3/26, 4/14 and 4/20 that im also still waiting to get logged in. the 4/20 is express
  10. im looking to pick up authenticated fleer jordan RC. but thinking they may drop a little in the nba off season. should i wait? usually, when i was collecting heavily early 2000s, off season was the best time to buy. just recently started back last november and this market is sorta different from what i remember.
  11. I like it as it is. As a collector, I feel like the focus of collecting is always the card. I like authenticator services like CSG, BGS, PSA because there are cards that are faked and when your spending $$$ to get a card that you want, I just want to make sure its authentic. I do my research plus being slabbed and also double checked by a professional helps me gain more confidence on what im buying. But for me the focus has always been the card, which is why im not a fan of HGA. I feel like its more of a gimmick. Being slabbed allows me to admire and display my card without worry of it being d
  12. Im actually starting to like it especially with the subgrades