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  1. I was charged for 1 of my bulk submissions that I sent by check. It’s not even in the grading phase yet. I called and they said “it’s possible that the check could get lost so we go ahead and process it.”
  2. You would thing that CSG is picking up on the submissions that have 1 express card and the rest bulk. They really do need to put the bulk on the backburner just like PSA does.
  3. ModernChris I am in the same dilema. 1970s NBA cards are a little different than others.
  4. I agree with BilltheThrill. I hate not knowing if my cards are there. The USPS webpage shows that it was delivered on 4/5/21 and today is 4/18 and I still do not know if its actually there.
  5. You might want to check if that card is a Reprint. There are different ways that you can check. One of the ways is by looking to see if the card has "dots" in the yellow banner on the top right. If it is original, let me tell you, its a very valuable card and you should get it slabbed at PSA. If its a reprint, you have to label it as a reprint or no one will grade it.