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  1. I'm in the process of coming up with some solutions to this for the whole industry. Stay tuned! -Matt
  2. I don't work there my man. Just a user like you. -Matt
  3. -Matt
  4. You need to input them all again and make a new order. Orders made mean nothing unless received. There is no way, or need, to cancel the first one. -Matt
  5. I doubt many are crossing over, especially from BGS... Simply because it would be a loss of value even if it somehow graded slightly higher. -Matt
  6. That may be true... but I don't want to be covering the costs to keep the prices down for the bulk with no subs. I'd prefer to see that cost come up a few bucks and have the subs drop the same amount. Instead of $8 and $18 I'd rather it be $11 and $15. That serves the purpose of them most likely getting more people to pay $4 more for subs. They'd get people to pay $15 instead of $8. -Matt
  7. You also have the option to get a "perfect" 10. If you don't apply subs, you can not get the designation, and would only get a pristine 10. -Matt
  8. No, this was just to build some hype around the actual first card being graded. Getting an expensive sale was/is crucial to jump starting the brand. We need a pop report ASAP though! -Matt
  9. This... On top of the label looking empty without subs, is all the more reason to get them. I do think $10 is nuts though. It's not like they are not already grading those aspects of each card, regardless if paid for or not. -Matt