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  1. They have no option to add subs. It's stupid IMO. You need to treat it as a raw card (they will crack it open). They claim to keep no record of the indi grades unless you had subs. -Matt
  2. You'll be thanking me when CSG can hold its own when it comes to value.
  3. No mistakes here big dawg. I might even raise it to $500 -Matt
  4. This will be a deal at $300 if it goes up after his HoF induction. Buy it or move on. -Matt
  5. Look out everyone... The price police are here. The grading on this alone is $125 (currently) for Walkthrough. You don't get to set the price I want, and you don't get to say I can't recoup what I have invested in this card. Go waste your time doing something else. -Matt
  6. They don't grade them differently at all... That's why having to pay for SUBs is stupid! -Matt
  7. The 60-days will start once they are marked as received. Were they delivered on the 26th or marked as received in the system? -Matt
  8. Two of mine arrived over a month ago and is still have not been checked-in. One was an express... Should have been done and back in my hands weeks ago. -Matt
  9. I agree with all of the above. -Matt