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  1. This is so disheartening, submitted (6) cards on March 29, 2021 and they're not even showing up as submitted or received??? Signed for by J. Sweeny. Here it is May 4, 2021 and still nothing... I understand that things take time in the current market, but at least input it in the system to be tracked. Customer service and communication goes a long way in business.
  2. I know I'm some what new to this, but why aren't grading companies running operations 7 days a week or at least with extended hours?
  3. yes. I called and they said that they are not listed as received until they start with them in a batch.
  4. Once cards are mailed off, how long on average does it take for CSG to say they've at least received your cards?
  5. I am having difficulty getting a submission form to submit cards. How is this normally done and is the site having a glitch?