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  1. USPS delivered 3/26, received/in system 4/30, Scheduled for Grading 5/6 (Economy Order)
  2. Economy shipment arrived 03/26 entered into system today, 04/30
  3. They may be good at what they do (grading), but their business management skills haven't passed first grade. Not a promising future
  4. Nichole - Appreciate your patience on this question, but it seems like the answer has changes in interpretation daily so I'm hoping to pin this down. Based on your sentence are you saying the "current" turnaround time for an economy package delivered to your facility should be turned in 75 business days, i.e., this 75 day estimate includes the (currently 3+ weeks) time it takes for that delivered package to be opened and inserted into your tracking system? Mark
  5. Economy took the biggest percentage increase from 40 to 75 days. Ugh
  6. Wish you were right....but likely not. This is their answer. As of right now if you want it under 6-8 weeks you're looking at $25/card base price, $35 with subs. That will start cutting down submissions and the turnaround estimates will come down a little bit. For all of the March submitters after about 15 March I feel your pain
  7. 75 business days for Economy....15 weeks....almost 4 receiving to system insertion time of 3-4 weeks. Oh well.
  8. This gets into the original reason for the initial post in this topic...what is the "cost" of grading a card? Whether someone wants it bulk or walkthrough, there is a cost in time, materials, and labor to produce a graded card which shouldn't vary much by service level. How long does it take an experienced grader to determine the grade of a card? I appreciate the fact CSG is using some automation to help in this department (e.g., centering grades) but if they use many more techniques to determine authenticity and/or whether a card has been tampered with, then the cost goes up and their p
  9. LOL It's unfortunate the very front end of their process appears to be in the worst shape....these companies should be (and could be if their processes were scalable) killing it. Hire some temps, clear your receiving backlog (at least to the point of telling the customers "we got it"). We'll take the bad news if we feel you're transparent about it. Allowing a perception to initiate and fester like this doesn't bode well for loyalty.
  10. Thanks for that insight. Wasn't aware of the request to state walkthrough/express. I did put my order number in the address label thinking that might help
  11. In other words....when a box/envelope is received do they open them and then bin them by date received and service level requested, or simply they store them in a pile based on date it hits their PO Box and open them in that order? I was thinking the latter.
  12. So, do they know the status of the order? It seems the length of time to go from the delivery of the box (as indicated by the delivery service chosen) and the time it is enter into the CSG system is independent of the service level requested. Or do they open each order as soon as received and put it into a line based on the service delivery level requested?
  13. I'm wondering if one of the biggest things to fix is in the receiving shop. Seems like everything comes in and they don't have a method to determine (without opening) the requested status of the submission. So in essence, everything is equal until the box is open and cards inside registered in their system. How about giving us a bar/QR code to place on the outside of our submittal they could scan and quickly/accurately determine the requested status? If one wishes to pay for priority service it should be from the moment it hits their PO Box. Also wondering if the PSA move is inte