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  1. I received an email yesterday that my bulk order has been shipped. Shows it is being shipped via FedEx and expected to be delivered in 2 days. However, when I check the tracking, it only shows that the "label has been created", so it hasn't actually shipped yet. We'll see if it arrives in 2 days or not. Glad to finally see some movement with the order, but also just ready for this fiasco to be done. 😂 Looking forward to not submitting any cards to any grading service for well over a year.
  2. Awesome man, great looking cards. I think vintage baseball look particularly nice in CSG slabs.
  3. Interesting. Thanks for posting this! So if I am reading this correctly, you subbed one bulk order on March 6th, and got it back on April 20th? 😳 That is pretty amazing, since that has not been the case for many others here waiting on bulk subbed in late February and early March. Also, have you received back your second bulk order that shipped on 6/15 yet? That is even more shocking since that was received on 4/16. Also interesting with the 78 card bulk order, since CSG marked it as "shipped" and it shows it shipped on 6/21. Which is obviously a future date, since today is 6/19.
  4. Wow. So the time it takes an order to just get marked as received is 70+ days now. ...expecting "current turnaround" times to increase again any day now. CGC's bulk turnaround is currently at 228 days. I'd have to imagine CSG's will be the same.
  5. That is awesome man, please keep us updated and share anything you can from your returned bulk order. Anything is better than nothing at this point!
  6. I'm a little confused by what you said. "I've gotten 3 bulk orders shipped so far." Does that mean, you've shipped 3 bulk orders to CSG? or you have received 3 bulk orders back from CSG? What date did you received them back? And can you post pictures of the "Received Date" and "Due Date" stickers on the returned box?
  7. SGC was smart for doing what they did. Tactically, it was an excellent move to counter CSG entering the market. CSG's inaction to the influx of subs has now left them stagnant. The only bulk subs they'll be getting now are bottom of the barrel ones that consumers submit because they are the cheapest option available. Their inaction has now made them the go-to grading company for low-end cards! 👌 ...And I actually want CSG to become a major player, and they still might. But when everything settles, and PSA and CSG have the same turn-around times, which company do they think consumers/dealers/investors are going to choose? CSG may have accidently created their niche... low-end cards.
  8. That is awesome man. Yep, I'm curious to see what they are considering "thick" cards.
  9. Congrats! Post a picture of the Received Date and Due Date stickers on the side of the bulk order box when you get it. 👍
  10. 50 card bulk order, received 3/10. I still suspect that all bulk orders from 2/26 onward are on pause. Like one of the other posts stated, CSG probably has a shortage of normal slabs due to the import fiasco, so they don't want to use the slabs they do have on any bulk orders right now. I believe the thick/bigger slabs situation is just a misdirect. None of my cards were thicker or oversized. Which is likely why customer support couldn't specify which cards of mine were causing the hold up... This video shows the latest date confirmed for a bulk order that has shipped out, received at CSG on 2/25.
  11. C. Yeager

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    I also don't think that paying for an order necessarily translates to CSG actually shipping it "soon"... Hopefully it does. But that definitely isn't true for bulk orders right now.
  12. C. Yeager

    Call them

    For what it is worth, I do recommend calling them as well. I "paid" for all my orders when I submitted them. And then randomly, I did get an email from them with an invoice. I was confused because I actually had already gotten back my economy orders. I checked my credit card statement, and in fact they had actually not billed anything to me yet. (Except the CSG membership.) So when I called to check, I said that "I submitted my credit card info with each submission and already received my economy orders back." The accounting lady told me they had some stuff happen with their credit card system and they in fact did send back several orders to people before they even billed them. So I then paid for everything over the phone. I'm still waiting on my only bulk order from 3/10 though, and I paid for it about two weeks ago now. I still think bulk is totally on pause, but it might help a lot for folks with economy and up service levels.
  13. Yep. That seems to just be the way SGC grades altered and damaged cards like that. I have a similar card, a T206 common that actually has glue residue on the back, and stains, and it also got a Poor 1. Mine actually looks like it was hit by a truck. 😂 So I think that reflects the traditional grading procedures of SGC. And at least you got it graded! The new SGC holders are awesome, great for vintage.
  14. Yep. No doubt that is what is happening. Pretty much shafting the CSG early adopters though... I imagine CSG's thick cases excuse has always been pure baloney. This is strictly a tactical move to please the higher-service customers with their current staff. I can't buy the theory that CSG, a branch of CCG and sister company with CGC, somehow magically can't figure out how to get bigger slabs? 😂 Even with their 7+ months lead up time from announcing CSG's inception to them opening their doors. And they STILL can't figure out "bigger" slabs? 🤣