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  1. Just auctions ending way too low. I’ve changed all my listings to BINs and they are slowly selling.
  2. Yep they did. It was delivered this morning. Even though it worked out this time probably a good lesson for others to learn. I’m sure I’m not the only person that didn’t notice the $100 insurance limit.
  3. Well with everyone's comments I guess I must be blind or something, because I absolutely never saw the info about the $100 insurance offered. Until a claims rep sent me a link to a page I'd never seen before. But luckily that may be a moot point, because it looks like FedEx may have found the package after 10 days missing I got a text this morning that it was picked up and expected to be out for delivery today. So we will see. And thanks Rufuss for the Collectinsure info, signed up last night.
  4. The fact that the package was lost was absolutely a FedEx issue, not a CSG issue. Thats correct. But the fact that CSG burries the fact that they only insure FedEx packages for $100 is a CSG issue. If that was made more clear I absolutely wouldn't have selected FedEx for shipment.
  5. Just seeing this. I bought that card from you. Probably will crack it and send to PSA once fees get somewhat reasonable. The thing about CSG that I've noticed is that like others have said, it's a buyers market. Maybe some day they will catch up, but I'd never auction a CSG card again. I've done that and its been horrible for me every time.
  6. If you use the FedEx option for shipping. They put $100 insurance on your order. Nothing more. If you package is lost by FedEx then you can only file a claim for $100 unless you provide your on insurance. But if you request shipment with USPS they will insure your package for the full declared value. I'm not sure this was always clearly noted on the page before the updated submission form was released, but it is there now. And of course FedEx lost one of my packages with 63 cards in it and CSG wants to file a claim on my behalf for $100. I used to be the guy always defending CSG, but this fine print screwing me over is the end of it. If they can insure a package with USPS they can insure a package with FedEx.....they just choose not to. The declared value that you put on the form only comes into account if your cards are lost or damaged while in the possession of CSG. Once they send the cards back to you they claim to have no liability and will only offer you $100 if your order is lost in transit on the way back.
  7. Same. And if you put the submission number in the link and try to pull it up that way it says that the submission number is invalid. I was hoping that meant that my order that was graded 10 days ago was finally shipping. Guess not.
  8. Maybe, the only cards that I have seen in those holders are the small like tobacco cards, or minis. I've yet to see any card pop up on eBay that is thicker than maybe 55pt like a Topps Chrome Auto. Cards on 75pt stock and up is what I believe would be in the "thicker" holders.
  9. Ya looks like someone jumped the gun. Would be nice to see a useable pop report before they worry about registries.
  10. The national is 38 days away. Depends on when you subbed them. I already have 3 bulks back, and I have one scheduled for grading now, that I'm 99% sure will be back before the national.
  11. Totally agree, the way the cards sit in the cases perfectly is the main reason I sub to CSG. But I've also seen some cards where they do like BGS and put it in a sleeve, and IMO those look terrible.
  12. It happens, if you have subs they dissapear for a bit then show back up. With the overall grades and imaging when it ships.
  13. Ya not sure why it says 6/21 ship date. Maybe that was the anticipated ship date. Got it yesterday. The 6/15 order I have already recieved as well. Not sure why everyone else seems to have issues. With the 4/16 order I also included an express sub in the same box, so it got logged quickly, but nothing moved on that one until about 10 days ago, then it went through quickly. Almost everything I have subbed is modern baseball, nothing thicker than a Topps Chrome Auto. So I can only assume, the combination of easy to grade and slab cards, plus sending with an express sub makes it quicker. Maybe.
  14. I guess it is technically only 2. Since one was on the same order form, but it was still bulk so I call it 3. 78 card order, 50 card order (no subs on both) 5 card order with subs. Which was part of the 78 card order, but they processed, charged, and shipped it as a seperate order, so its seperate to me. Edit to add: Yea all cards were graded in each order, I've never had a need for the thicker cases I guess.
  15. I've gotten 3 bulk orders shipped so far. The latest one shipped yesterday and was entered on 4/16.