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  1. Just a heads up on timetables. My bulk submission of 64 cards was delivered on March 23rd and was entered into the system as "received" today May 11th.
  2. I hate seeing this. My bulk order was delivered on March 23rd and has not even been entered as received yet.
  3. PWCC and PSA are the most unethical companies in this entire buisness.
  4. So what CSG is telling us is there is two different grading processes. I wonder how they grade a sub grade versus a non subgrade?
  5. Really? I had no idea you could not get a 10 perfect without buying sub grades. This seems like a loophole for selling and buying and on top of that a cash grab. First thing I have heard about CSG that I am very disappointed in.
  6. You're exactly right. Just because something has a different color and print run doesn't mean that it doesn't just add to the total of the exact same card. Color variations are another scam to create an artificial scarcity. History proved this during art print collecting. They would print numbered versions in different sizes 4×6, 8x10, etc. which are now just looked at as a combined total. I try and collect low total print runs. 2019 and 2020 Bowman Heritage are good examples. Overall low print run will stand up better. I say this but as long as people care about the same card in a different c
  7. Definitely with you on the NFT market though card companies are praying it takes off. I laughed pretty hard at "Federal Reserve mode" the comparison is scary similar.
  8. My main quam is with the people turning a hobby into a stock market or investment portfolio. Its a hobby and I enjoy spending a few hundred every couple months. Personally I find real collectors to be people with a personal collection. You would be surprised at people without a PC and hold card board like precious metals. Prices IMO are personally out of control and i would love to see them come down. I miss buying a super jumbo box of Bowman Draft for $350 now I dont even bother at $1000. Its not all the Market though with the monopolies that have been handed out by the leagues. Topps MLB, Pa
  9. Agree and I will be one of them. With people treating cardboard as an investment again everything is out of control until the next crash which personally I am looking forward too. As a personal collector i hate the investor groups. When people realize they are still over printing by companies making 20 different sets instead of printing a ton of one set the investor group will bail again and the real collectors can enjoy their hobby once more.
  10. I will be putting one card Walkthrough from now on. Ill pay extra for one card to have mine graded faster. I have a 64 card bulk submission that shows delivered on 3/22 and has not been received.
  11. Received is not really received is the best way I can describe it. I have a bulk order of 64 cards that were delivered on March 22nd but have not been entered as received yet. I kind of wish they had a delivered notification that would show they have the package even if they don't get to it for weeks.
  12. Id sure like one of the two CSG or CGC to start accepting non-sport Marvel, DC, Star Wars, etc. Market is big but I dont see them accepting any new types of cards in the near future. Im sure catchup is what all grading companies are putting all their efforts towards currently.
  13. Last I heard they were backed up 9 to 12 months. That was from my local card shop so I am not sure how reliable the info is. I dont give PSA a pass on anything they have duped and cheated the market through auction houses on multiple occasions.
  14. Mine arrived March 23rd so I guess im looking at Christmas. I was prepared for it to happen but was hoping they might be ahead of the game. PSA shutting off receiving puts significant pressure on all others. Ill be surprised if these are the last updates. Its the nature of the beast in the current market. To bad only four legit grading companies exist because we need double that.