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  1. Great point. Unless they were in a screwdown, it sounds like something that needs to be worked out in the software.
  2. Card sizes are pretty clearly spelled out on the Submissions page....
  3. At the bottom of the Frequently asked Questions page is the email address. Send them an email with your questions and they can answer them for you. Jim
  4. Well, it's not official yet, but I'm putting together another submission with tallboy cards and thicker relic type cards. I'll wait until they make it official before I send them in. Jim
  5. HI Matt, I can't argue with your statement. That said, the $10 charge is a way for them to keep grading costs low. The added value of the subgrades to the consumer is easily regained in values either for resale or long term hold. IMHO Jim
  6. Greetings all, This chat is going to be great as our community builds. Is anyone else having problems tracking their submissions? My sub was delivered 2.23.21 and checked in on the 26th. I've been unable to track progress with my cards. Have a great hobby weekend all !!
  7. I asked that question last week in an email. Apparently, the answer is not at this time. Another branch of the company handles non sports cards and to my knowledge, they are not accepting Marvel at this time. I have a handful to be graded myself....