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  1. Does anyone know how many perfects have been graded so far?
  2. Yes I do! I changed the name to sports cards TV recently. Thank you very much! I will be showing a 2 part CSG reveal soon. They should be here tomorrow. Look for those vids this week. Thank you for watching. Sorry for the late response. Don't come on here often.
  3. I sent my "standard" order when it was a 25 day turnaround. While in route it went to 32. I'm now at business day 33 and they have yet to be entered. When I ask how long they send you a link to a date that has been the same date going on 3 weeks. Does that date represent the day or the week of? How many days is it taking to receive one days worth of incoming? My submission was delivered April 9th. So even at 11 days that puts me at 44 days at least based on the current day they are on. What happens next? While in the received stage, am I still waiting the 25 business days which is the timeframe when I sent it? or will I have to wait 32,45 or the new time 47 business days? Even at 25 business days it puts me 9 days longer than the bulk time frame was at the time that I submitted my cards and I am paying $32 a card at 111 cards. I feel like they need to meet me in the middle at economy pricing as Nothing had changed yet at all on their website. I know they probably won't but whatever they do will determine if I continue to use them moving forward or not. Put things into perspective, I sent a shipment to SGC at $30 a card last Tuesday. It arrived Friday. Today (The next Tuesday) they are already on their way back. Way faster for less money.
  4. So my cards have been in the "Grading" process for a few days now with no movement. This is an express order. Does that mean I have to wait another 3 weeks based on the new timelines?
  5. The reason why most cards are being returned is because of the size. Even a tiny bit bigger than a normal card, it won't fit the slab. It is not an accusation or anything like that. We just have to wait until they get the slabs that fit bigger cards which should be some time this month. This happens with vintage cards, 89 upper deck and foil coated cards. I feel it should/would be refunded as there isn't any info on the site about these cards. I got this information about the size issues directly from CSG. So hold off on sending those cards in until May or send them Economy to make sure they get the proper slabs in April.
  6. I was curious what the current backlog is for bulk? "Current" I'm trying to figure things out.
  7. How does this work with express orders? Same? It was delivered Monday. I have a TON of cards to send to you guys. I'm trying to get an idea of how the times listed on the site compare to actual time.
  8. I hope not. It is temporary but still. I have a 111 card sub to send in for a standard after my express comes back then a 800 bulk order to follow.
  9. PSA basically stopped excepting cards unless they are Super express at $300 per card. Is CSG ready for a possible/ probable surge? How do you think it would impact turnaround times? All I have to say is remember us who chose CSG before this PSA thing happened.
  10. How about Rookie Review and All Sports? They are the same type of cards as SIFK.