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  1. What does panini do with all of this product. Do they sell boxes online direct very often? If so, how do we know when? I love ripping packs, I'm a collector. But I'm not paying resale prices.
  2. Yes, you're 100% right. Let me clarify, they'd likely lower their prices when they streamline their processes (or when the market cools offs) enough to clear the backlog. Clearly none of these companies would lower their prices when they cannot keep up with orders. But if this bubble bursts, and they get their backlog down to a couple weeks, then they'd probably lower their prices. My point really was just that they would be foolish to not raise their prices right now, because all signs point to them being months behind already. And they'll likely do it again, unless the market cools off.
  3. They're just trying to run a business. Old pricing scheme plus market dynamics got them way backlogged, so they staff up/expand as much as they can and raise the prices a little bit. If things continue the way that they've been going, they will likely raise prices again in a few months. Then the market cools down, or when they streamline their processes enough that they can outpace demand, then they'd likely lower prices.
  4. Thanks for the info, that makes sense. I have my first even grading order in with CSG, and am thinking about sending my second in, so your info is very helpful. I've uploaded images of some that are probably marginal when it comes to being a good decision to have graded. I have some that are better centered and many that are worse.
  5. I'm not sure that I understand your post. One thing, do you really think that a player retiring drives their value down? Did LaMarcus Aldridge value drop? Will Lebron's value drop in a few years?
  6. Thanks for the info, I'll try to post a couple pics tonight when I get home from work.
  7. I'm new to submitting for grades. I have some 70's basketball cards that have been kept in close to mint condition through the years, one owner passed down to me, kept in the same top loaders for at least 30 years. Raw range of $20-80, nothing extremely valuable. Almost all of them have terrible centering, but like I said, are otherwise very sharp. Should I grade, and what type of grade would I expect? For sub-grades, I'd expect a six or below. So how would they grade? Lets say center was a 6, but the other 3 were 9s. 33/40=8? Is that how it works? I'm assuming that if I want to sell these on ebay and I'm in no rush, then it would definitely make sense to grade, correct? Thanks for the help!
  8. Same here, I put my usps tracking number in, and got the same message. According to USPS it was delivered on 3/29. So I'm just going to assume that they just added it and it isn't functional yet.
  9. It would be a very good idea for them to log our submissions as received. Especially if they are backlogged a month or two for bulk submissions. I understand that they want to keep the box sealed until they are actually moving forward with it, but it would be very nice have some sort of confirmation that they have it. My bulk submission was delivered over two weeks ago (March 29th), and it doesn't sound like they are going to start working it for a few more weeks at the very least.