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  1. When was your express order delivered to their facility if you don't mind me asking?
  2. Thanks for the comparison. It becomes so much more clearer when you have this kind perspective.
  3. My unlimited walkthrough package was received on 4/8 and it was entered in the system on 4/12. This was good news to me considering they are probably dealing with a massive amount of packages. My bulk submission was received 3/30 and has not been checked in yet. I’ll provide further updates for you all to compare.
  4. I would like to start a chat where people can share their grading experiences to track information for us to learn from. 1. What tier did you submit at? 2. Date shipment was received by CSG. 3. How many business days (or total days) did it take for CSG to enter your cards in the system after they received them? 4. How many business days (or total days) did it take to complete the grading process after they were entered into the system? 5. How many business days (or total days) did it take to arrive at your house after grading was finished? Thanks in advance. I'm
  5. Read some of the post over the years on blowout and Facebook. There are many horror stories about shipments without signature.
  6. One option is to send with signature confirmation.
  7. Okay, I was wondering if the carrier matters when packages are signed for or placed in the cache.
  8. Did you send it USPS, Fedex, or UPS?
  9. Are you disagreeing that WK has to wait (see 7Snookers response) or are you disagreeing with me when I say WK should be "advanced" and opened BEFORE other tiers? The example you gave actually supports my position that WK should get priority treatment. I'm confused as to what you are disagreeing with...
  10. Thank you, that confirms for me that even with the WK on it, it still has to “wait” in line of for being received. I was under the impression that unlimited walkthrough was prioritized and opened when it arrived. That is disappointing to know that unlimited walkthrough had to sit and wait it’s turn.
  11. Thank you for the reply but my question was not answered. So what I’m hearing from this response is that an unlimited walkthrough package that arrives on a Monday will NOT be opened IF there is 2 weeks stockpile of other packages that arrived in the previous weeks. So the unlimited walkthrough quote of 2 days BEGINS when the package is opened only. This means a WK marked package can sit at the facility for multiple weeks waiting to be opened. If that’s true that unlimited walkthrough packages can be signed for and NOT opened the day they arrive, that is disappointing. What is the point of writ
  12. Good afternoon. I am reading some of the posts and other questions about receiving shipments and understand there is a delay in entering packages received into the system. This makes sense considering what is going in the grading industry. My question is does this apply for the unlimited walk through service as well. I see it is stated these packages will be opened first, giving priority over other tiers. So for example, if there are hundreds of packages that have not been opened from a couple of weeks ago, if you were to receive a walk through one it would get opened before the other packages
  13. Gotcha, that was my assumption. I'm asking all of this because I have been hearing multiple people on different platforms saying that when their card was rejected for whatever reason, they were NOT charged. So I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this paying vs. non-paying for not being slabbed.
  14. Thanks for the quick reply. Did you also pay for the shipping you selected?