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  1. complete set with all 3 different checklist variations $475 conus
  2. latest release is much better than the trout and hayes. pretty cool story about it from twitter as well. if hayes sells almost 12k they will probably make/sell 20k of these if not more.
  3. i bought a couple at 12:55. kind of wish i didn't becuse i dislike it. hate being held hostage to the end prize if you buy them all. i want to sell one of the gold stamp prints of all the 20 cards right now if anyone is interested
  4. that still doesn't change the fact the the artwork in this card isn't executed well and is the worst of the three he released. i'm disappointed with the look of the card. regardless of the player. it's not a good sign to go from "wow..must have" with the first card to "meh..don't know if i'll buy it" or "the only reason i'm buying it is because i'm buying all of them from him" with the third.. there's no denying there's a drop off here.
  5. some of what you say is true. hayes hits the ball hard from what i've seen and it jumps off the bat. i would feel a lot better about his future if he wasn't 24 and has shown more star ability in the minors. i think it's a step down art wise for pardee. it just looks like bad comic book art imo
  6. i submitted that week. it was just entered today. i think it will be 14 days until they grade and prolly another week after that until they finally ship, if i'm lucky.
  7. the latest. seems like his work has gotten progressively worse since the acuna. this looks like a combination of rorschach and the joker coupled with disjointed limbs/tentacles. this is low effort and a poor player choice.
  8. Awesome looking card. I would have liked to of had one, but the price isn't to my liking/value The amount of money being spent on things in this hobby in 2021 has no bounds. For $100 you would think that he would personally sign the damn thing. To pay $250 or more just for him to do so is asinine. I mean, he signs $50 serigraphs/prints, and a lot of his original signed artwork is less than the most expensive Acuna option. It's too bad that many artists are in for the quick money grab. At least with Pardee his work is top, top. And if people want to just throw money at his st
  9. seems like this is more geared for the younger, hip hop, street wear demographics noticed that alex pardee is is now the #1 artist of the bunch. with print runs of 15k and 25k. his approach is quite a bit better than most of the artists as he's a very good illustrator going to be interesting to see if people continue to hammer away buying these and have it wind up like last years fiasco where they made 100k of griffey which has now become less than a $10 card that not many want . his art might keep it afloat, but unless more collectors come in and and say "i want/appreciate it' it
  10. well, i sent my bulk/econ order in on the 16th. it was received on the 17th. i still haven't seen any updates in my que
  11. is this designation going to be on all slabs somewhere next to the name providing they were the first to be graded in any grade?
  12. is this designation going to be on all slabs somewhere next to the name providing they were the first to be graded in any grade?