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  1. Guess the grade on my LeBron RC... looks like the best I can hope for is a 6.5 since their guidelines state that the final overall grade can't be more than 1 point higher than the lowest subgrade... who knows, maybe in certain cases, exceptions will be made...I won't be disappointed with the end result since the surface flaws were factory surface issues and were beyond my control😌
  2. Agreed, that's why semi-rigids are the standard...nobody wants their cards ending up damaged 😅
  3. Actually CSG clarified it on their website, turnaround times are based on when marked as delivered to their facility.
  4. Is your order express or faster? Just a guess, but the express and above orders delivered before yours will definitely have priority and the others which are not. That's the big picture in processing delays you have to look at.
  5. When the delivery is confirmed at their facility. It was just recently confirmed on their website.
  6. I feel $3-5 would have been a good price point... but personally I always get the subgrades, especially with how the label looks without them.
  7. FYI, you can only post CSG slabs here or raw
  8. Service level: express Delivery date: 4/27 Received date: 5/5 Scheduled for grading: 5/7
  9. FYI, your CC is charged when your cards enter the grading phase under the submissions tab
  10. I'm guessing an express order? Good luck with the grades😁👍
  11. If the edges was 8.5, you might have gotten a 9 final grade
  12. Same here and on top of that, I personally think their slabs are just plain gimmicky. I don't see them lasting too long unfortunately.
  13. I have the same number of cards and same service level as you, was delivered on the 27th. It's looking promising!😁