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    Yea that's the plan I have it listed on eBay now.
  2. I listened to an interview where they hired I think it was 8 people that were going through the grading training process. They want to strive for consistency in grading, and are also hiring more as well. Really hoping they can keep up and get on top of the turnaround times
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    The back looks like this.
  4. I saw a CSG respond on a facebook post that said posted 1 day ago, so on 4/27 that they are up to bulk submissions from 3/15 and are processing through the back log.. Just fyi..
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    My First two CSG cards, both were Express Grades... The Jordan got a perfect 10 on Centering, but an overall 9 grade, Looks great though. The Kobe had 3 sub grades that were 9.0 or higher, and a very unfortunate low surface grade that brought the overall card grade down. This was opened directly from pack and placed in sleeve, so whatever they found an issue with on the surface was directly from the manufacturer, regardless the card and it's colors look amazing in the CSG Slab on the Kobe Rookie.
  6. not my ebay auction, but this is one that sold on ebay recently:
  7. Why do you say that? I've just noticed many of their auctions get more bids, and sell values are quite a bit higher.
  8. I was curious if CSG was going to reach out to Ebay to get themselves listed as a recommended grading company for Sports Trading Cards. They are listed as CGC for comics, but seems it would be good to get CSG listed as well in case someone is trying to look up "CSG" on ebay... as someone valid who grades trading cards. See here:
  9. This is great news as I’m about to submit 100+ Various Jordan’s (very few duplicates) some kobe rookies and more Planning to sell all. Then will be splitting the earnings with my pop as it was him and I who collected and took care of them in the 90’s
  10. That's what I'm hoping as well. I'm thinking a CSG that grades well with sub-grades should be dang obvious the card is in good shape. I'll have over 100 Michael Jordan cards graded after all this is said and done, it will be interesting to be what looks like one of the first of many of these cards to be in CSG slabs. Thanks for the feedback..
  11. There are a lot of old magazines, with sports illustrated for kids cards, or tuff stuff jr with card sheets that are perforated, and tear out. Does CSG grade these types of cards, I could not see this specifically addressed in the "cards we grade" policy. Policy mentions : " Cards that are “sheet cut,” or measure larger than the published catalog size" would not be allowed, but I'm referring to cards that are perforated and intended to be gently removed from the sheets to be individual cards. Thanks.
  12. I was curious how the sell values are looking for those who have already sold CGC slabs. I have about 400 cards I plan on having grades some bulk some not with subs. Kobe rookies, Shaq rookies, various Jordan cards, 90s football and baseball star players as well like Jeter and Chipper Jones. Majority were pack fresh to holders. Plan to possibly try some with pwcc marketplace auctions. this will be my first time grading cards... but all my research definitely shows PSA the current clear leader for value... was also thinking maybe will have to hold on to CSG for values being sold at to catch more wind. appreciate anyone’s feedback I do love the CSG slabs I’ve seen with subgrades..