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  1. When I opened this thread, I was expecting the "too expensive for sub-grade" and all the rationale for why CSG should be doing this at a cheaper rate or free since they already have the scores from grading. I did, but immediately saw the double standard for grading based upon the sub-grade service. I absolutely get wanting answers and that's what some posts were. Others were venting and ripping. But you're right. This is the place where it can happen. At least you have to be a member to get into the chat rooms so everyone hear has a vested interest and I need to keep that in mind. Appreciate you pointing that out.
  2. Yeah, I was questioning that at first also. Beckett actually started that practice with the Black Labels. You can not get a BGS Black Label unless you pay for the sub-grade service. Beckett offers same service for $15 on its lower tier of service. CSG doesn't change based on speed of the service or the value of the card. BGS premium service will charge you $125 for sub-grades. $10 seems reasonable. Going back to the expense of sub grades, I get it. If you are doing a bulk submission of lower-mid end cards, it's not worth paying for the sub-grades. You could get 11 cards graded at the bulk submission rate OR 6 cards with sub-grades. The more you put into the card the more you need to get out of it in order to break even or make money. All of my PC and high-end cards get the sub grade service. It's just for my piece of mind and an explanation of why the card scored the way it did. I look at the sub-grade service as an option. You either need it for an expense or you don't. Everyone will look at this differently. I'm more concerned about people questioning the ethics of a company and their grading standards. Especially when the parent company is a leader of grading and authentication in other collectible areas.
  3. Lots of haters in here. Call customer service and get an explanation. I'm guessing it was an ill-informed employee that either didn't have the facts straight or was told wrong. You're not going to have one of the leading graders in the industry conducting shady business by having two different standards of grading. They would've left CSG by now if that was the case. Beckett Grading Services offer the same service for sub grades. I'm sure for the same reason: takes a little bit of extra time to record the information and then place those scores on the label and online. Or contact the mother company, Certified Collectibles Group, if you are questioning the ethics of CSG. Posting messages in here aren't providing the answers you're looking for.
  4. Year 2004-05 Manufacturer SP Game Used Card # AS-KB Player Name Kobe Bryant Cert # 1011342001
  5. Once you get your invoice, you're going to have to call in with your credit card information. While doing this, remind them to make sure they apply the $150 credit you have. The lady (who was very helpful) automatically applied mine. It did not show up on my original invoice but she took care of it. Hope this helps.
  6. That's awesome how quickly it's moving now. I have 2 bulk orders in that had sat in "scheduled for grading" well over a month before moving into "grading/quality control" status over the weekend. I hope they move that quickly on my third and fourth orders (standard & economy) that haven't been entered yet. I appreciate the update.
  7. I agree, we are all in the same boat and the turn-around times are completely unrealistic now with PSA and BGS not taking submissions. I have four orders currently sitting at CSG. One just moved to "Grading/Quality Control" yesterday, one still sitting in "Scheduled for Grading", and two higher-tiered submissions that haven't been checked in yet after a month and a half (tracking # confirmation states it's sitting safely at the facility). Last Monday was the due date on my first two orders based on the turn around time posted at the time it was delivered. It's frustrating that we have to wait but I currently have a large order (my last) sitting at PSA that's been there since last year. My cards are safe and I know I will get them back, just not as quickly as I want them. We are still dealing with one of the most reputable authentication companies out there when you consider CGC has been in business for over 20 years. I'm not trying to minimize everyone's frustration but it's completely out of our control. Our cards are safe and we will be happy once we get them back.
  8. jwhauser

    Charge card??

    Congrats on the grade! I received invoices for my submissions. Somewhere I had read that when you get the invoice, you would need to call accounting to authorize the charge. I think I read it in a post. Yes, do call. Very friendly by the way.
  9. jwhauser

    Charge card??

    My bulks submission is "scheduled for grading" for the last month and my credit card was charged two weeks ago. Does that mean my cards have already been graded? When I click on the order submission #, none of the cards have grades/scores. Please let me know if I misunderstood your response.
  10. jwhauser

    Charge card??

    remove this post.... sorry
  11. Good to know. I have a handful of pokemon cards I wanted to submit but was unsure if my membership covered that service.
  12. That's not too bad. I have a bulk order that was received on 4/9 that has been scheduled for grading for the past month plus. At the time, the expected turn-around time was around 60 days. My credit card was charged a couple weeks ago but the status hasn't changed. I'm wondering if they just keep backing up the bulk orders to accommodate the higher tiered services. A lot has happened in the card grading world since submitting my cards. I get it. I would just like to see some movement since the order has already been paid for.
  13. Thanks. I thought the April 5th had been up for a while. Appreciate the response.
  14. Happy Monday! Anyone know what "received week" CSG is currently receiving? I believe April 5 has been posted on their website for quite a while now. I only shipped mine out a month ago but get a little nervous when sending out my high-end PC cards. My first order only took less than a month so that's all I have to compare it to. Thanks in advance for the read and response.
  15. jwhauser

    Call them

    You're right. I paid for my orders almost two weeks ago and it still is "scheduled for grading". My credit card was charged at that time and it appears on the statement. I was really hoping that it meant my cards were about to be shipped back. Even with the delays, I still believe CSG will be one of the top 3 grading companies soon. Even Beckett Grading went through growing pains its first two years and they didn't have to deal with PSA shutting off services. CSG had the top two grading companies freeze services. It was predictable that other grading companies would get swamped. Fingers crossed!