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  1. I've actually had some decent sales of CSG slabs on MySlabs lately. Maybe a more intelligent customer on there?
  2. They are also getting some decent shine on social media lately from Hobby influencers.
  3. It is definitely a CSG buyer's market right now, especially for higher end stuff that can probably cross to PSA 9 or 10 (if they ever figure their house out). I do agree with most on this thread that CSG hasn't really reached critical mass yet in terms of your average collector punching in CSG 9.5 or CSG 10 to the feEbay search bar. That and the inventory is EXCEPTIONALLY low compared to PSA. Just one example... "2018 topps update juan soto psa" - 893 feEbay listings "2018 topps update juan soto csg" - 30 feEbay listings
  4. This is one of the better baseball CSG comps I've seen lately. PSA 10s of the same card have been going for $235-$250. And the seller even botched Soto's name!
  5. Just wanted to +1 the CSG undervalued statement. It's not a great time to be a CSG seller but if you're a long-term believer in their grading product you can find Gem Mint 9.5s for as low as 25-30% of what a PSA 10 goes for. That gap will certainly narrow in the years to come.
  6. I received a bulk order back today and had two identical cards (from 2020 Topps Chrome Ben Baller edition set). One was in a plastic sleeve encapsulated in a "thick holder." The other card was just in a regular holder and was not in a sleeve. Go figure.
  7. *WARNING* Do not try to sleeve the "new" CSG slabs. CSG is now sending out different sized slabs within the same order. I tried to put some slabs in Superior Fit CSG sleeves and busted the sides of 8 sleeves before I figured out what was going on. The difference in the slabs is very subtle.
  8. The remaining 11 cards shipped out today from CSG. They did not charge any additional money for shipping (UPS Next Day Air Saver). And for those wondering...two 9.5s and nine 9.0s. (All 11 were from 2020 Bowman Chrome and related sets)
  9. I had my second bulk order ship out today. Here are the stats for those wondering: Mailed to CSG 3/17/21 Arrived CSG 3/22/21 Marked as received in CSG system 4/24/21 Graded/Finalized/Shipped - 7/9/21 51 card bulk order... 26 9.5s, 23 9.0s, 2 8.5s.
  10. Yes, I got them [46 of the 57 cards] back two weeks ago --
  11. Yeah, was trying to give CSG the benefit of the doubt but if you watched my reveal video I noted that all 11 "thick cards" were basic Bowman Chrome cards.
  12. jsrva

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    Got these back yesterday. Mostly an ultra-modern baseball collector.
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    I know we all love to dunk on CSG but they threw in this sweet sticker with my recent bulk order and I just wanted to give a shout-out to whoever created this amazingly creative "logo."
  14. The cards finally arrived earlier today. As promised, here is the REVEAL VIDEO. I tried to keep it under 10 minutes. Happy to answer any questions.
  15. Soooo... I emailed CSG support and they wrote back and said there actually IS a tracking number for Registered Mail. They provided me with the #. My package is chilling 100 miles north of me at the moment. Hopefully in-hand later this week.