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  1. Are there any documented PERFECT 10s yet? Just curious...
  2. At some point on your submissions page the submission number will become a link that will go to a list of all the cards they received from you in that submission. And then that list might undergo slight changes as they ID your cards to see if the attributes etc. are correct. Then your status will eventually change to "Scheduled for Grading"
  3. Yep... Last year I've seldom bought anything prospect-wise that isn't Bowman Chrome Green, Blue, Purple, or 499... or established star that isn't Topps/Topps Chrome Orange, Gold, or Green.
  4. Yep! Filled out the submission form last night for one last bulk order at the sweet $8 price! Won't see the cards back to Halloween but c'est la vie.
  5. With BGS the highest overall grade you can receive is 0.5 above the lowest subgrade. So with the hypothetical card you mention the highest overall grade you can fetch would be a 3.5. Not sure how CSG's algo works.
  6. I received three 9.5 on my last sub and did not elect to get subgrades.
  7. I had a 51-card bulk submission logged in today (4/24). The package arrived at the P.O. Box on 3/22, so looks like they are slowly starting to catch up.
  8. I have a 3/22 arrival/signed for...still not logged in yet.
  9. Also curious whether that means RECEIVED IN THEIR SYSTEM by May 28 or just "it gets to their Post Office by then and they sign for it." Especially since we've seen recent 4-6 week lags in boxes physically being collected at their Post Office and orders actually being logged into their system.
  10. jsrva

    The Fee Hike

    Question...since it appears to be taking more than a month to log orders into the system, does the May 28 delivery date refer to the date CSG logs in the order or the date that the package is collected by CSG personnel from USPS/UPS/FedEx? "Important Reminder: Please note that the fee updates will apply to CSG Online Submission Forms completed on or after April 28, 2021. The new fees will simply be reflected in the prices listed on the form. Submission forms completed before April 28, 2021, must be delivered to CSG’s facility by May 28, 2021, to qualify for the old pricing."
  11. jsrva

    Show Off

    Awesome Soto Pristine 10!
  12. It's not. Mine was delivered via USPS 3/22 and has not been logged in by CSG yet. If you peek at a couple other threads on the forums it seems as though right now CSG is logging in submissions delivered the week of 3/15-3/19. Hopefully we'll see some traction on 3/22-3/26 submissions next week.
  13. Lots of folks waiting from that week, myself included. Check out the thread "Can't find submission info my submission"
  14. They've definitely slowed wayyyyy down from 4-5 weeks ago... 3-Card Economy Mailed 3/5. Received 3/11. Finalized & Shipped 3/25. Graded Cards Delivered 4/2. 57-Card Bulk Mailed 3/5. Received 3/12. Status changed to Scheduled for Grading 4/9. 52-Card Bulk Mailed 3/17. Arrived 3/22. Not yet received.
  15. eBay comps are a good start. Generally, I estimate at 80-85% of a BGS 9.5 or 65-70% of a PSA 10 for recent auction ended sales. I think there is some leeway such that unless you are radically underestimating the value of a card they won't up-charge you.