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  1. Any chance of adding the following sets 1992 Topps Football 1992 Topps Gold Football Thanks! Hello, Thank you for the requests. We will add these to our list of sets to create.
  2. I was wondering if anyone on here use the other CCG (CGC, PMG and NGC) registries. Post links to your other registries here. I'm also trying to see if anyone here would trade CSG cards for other CCG graded items.
  3. Hello, Can the following cards be added to the 1981 Topps Baseball Set? 290 Bob Boone 470 Manny Trillo 577 Leal/Milner/Schrom Blue Jays Rookies Thanks!! Hello, Thank you for the requests. We will add those slots soon.
  4. Can the following cards be added to the 1964 Topps Baseball set? 297 Ken Mackenzie 301 Larry Brown 302 Dan Pfister Thanks!
  5. What are the next sets to be added and/or what sets are adding new cards to their sets?
  6. I don't need instructions. Just for someone to look into why this card is not being accepted. Thank you for the response, anyway.
  7. The Brett Favre registry is not accepting 1005162039 for the 1992 Topps slot.
  8. When new sets are added and set are updated, will there be a notification on the boards?
  9. Please add 1964 Topps Baseball 1971 Topps Baseball 1978 Topps Baseball 1978 Topps Football 1981 Topps Baseball Thanks!!!!
  10. It shouldn't take too much longer from here. I got my 3/30 bulk back in my hands this past Monday. I think you'll be happy with the product. Unless you're a seller......
  11. I was thinking about that since I have no love for PSA. I should help the FBI any way that I can.
  12. I was curious to what everyone does with their altered and trimmed cards? Do you throw them away, give them away, trade them away, send them to another grading company and hope for the best or etc.?
  13. Well, I hope you guys go with the Collectors Society registry format. I think it's the most concise, competitive and fun registry out there.
  14. Will the registry be the same format as the other Collectors Society registries?
  15. My 50 card bulk was received on 3/30 and entered as received on 5/20.
  16. Do what makes you happy. It's your money to do what you please. Don't ask for anyone's permission to grade or not to grade.
  17. And how many horrible times did you have selling CSG cards?
  18. Not true. I sent my order myself and my bulk was shipped back to me yesterday.