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  1. One of my 2020 Bowman Draft 1st Edition cards which is currently scheduled for grading is identified as: Manufacturer: Bowman Set Name: Draft I believe set name should be Draft 1st Edition. Who would I contact to confirm this?
  2. I have similar feelings to you. I focus on baseball prospects, so submitting speculative cards to PSA wasn’t happening with the cost/turnaround. I have zero issue spending $8, and waiting even longer than 3 months. I have hope CSG has taken note of the volumes the other companies are reporting and can address demand better as it increases. Time will tell.
  3. I had the same question about recording date. I did make a suggestion that if submitter includes the tracking number, maybe another receiving type status could be used to at least show the package made it onsite. Since their USPS shipments go to a PO Box, I believe they need to pick up the items. FedEx/UPS are shipped to the site I believe. For perspective, USPS showed delivered/picked up on the 9th. My CSG status updated on the 19th to received