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  1. Hope this is true about when the turn around time actually starts. Think people will be a lot happier knowing the clock starts sooner than the "Recieved" in the computer.... Then again people will always find something to moan about.
  2. Apologies if I missed it somewhere. Is the back of the card centering more lenient than the front? If so what is the percentage breakdown? Thanks
  3. When I posted this I actually didn't know that. Think I seen that either elsewhere on this forum or twitter, but either way that is good info to know. Especially when CSG value catches up to the other, " Perfect 10" will add another tier of value for sellers, buyers, and collectors.
  4. Being new to the hobby and ultra new to grading (1st submission ever this week) I was hoping to get some perspective on sub-grading. I sent in 10 cards all with sub-grading in hopes to learn more on how cards will get graded. Now for the question or dilemma. On one hand getting the sub-grades on the label definitely helps fill the label out which looks better, but how much can they be a deterrent for a buyer. Example would you feel the same or pay the same amount for a card with sub-grades showing 9.5, 10, 10, 10 obviously still an overall 10, compared to a label that just has the overall 10? I know it's really more of a mind game but being a rookie to grading I want to understand as many aspects and thoughts as possible.