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  1. Finally got the email yesterday! It is in the system now!
  2. Still not logged and being that others around my date have been logged is a little worrisome.
  3. So I guess the statement they were working on orders received 3/15 was not true.
  4. Totally get the part of the game, and they enter in the system earlier then PSA BUT THIS is my first sub and am evaluating the companies to see my lower/mid grade options.
  5. And people talk about PSA. WALKTHROUGH is their highest level and they have no clue? Do they even know where my cards are? Glad I sent no real big cards. I knew better then that!! did super express with a card with PSA and they got it Wednesday. It moved to Q2 today. look like a one and done fir me.
  6. Ridiculous is an understatement. I thought they were faster. One month after delivery and not in the system. I guess CSG is trending toward PSA Wait time. Now at the point of simply wanting this test over and will be moving on. Had such high hopes.
  7. Not going to say never because I want to test the ROI, but increased pricing, minimal, and going on one month to put in the system, PSA slow also, is making me say I will wait for PSA to reopen. I know grading economy down the line, but they cannot be getting the number of cards PSA was to be this far behind.
  8. The worse part is knowing your cards arrived and they not be in the system. I know same with PSA and others, but CSG just getting their Sportscards side up and running. 🤦🏾🤷🏾
  9. So Usps says deliver, but tracking number says it has not arrived. Hummm!!!😡
  10. Hope my CSG experiment goes better than on SGC, whenever they get my 2 subs into their system. RECEIVED an SGC10 on a superstar player and auctioned it on eBay. It sold fir 30% of the identical card in PSA 10. No thanks. We shall see how things go whenever I get my cards back. I was stunned!
  11. I think Kobe PSA 10 goes fir $6K not $2300. I am unsure about this.
  12. When it is all said and done ROI trumps everything regardless of the 3 letters on the slab. I am a hobbyist, but still want the best return.
  13. They just are not for me. I would just rather a clear slab that the card stands out. Variety is good. Again just not fir me. I also will not submit to HGA either because of thr gimmick. Labels mean nothing to me. Look and ROI does! The market determines the latter. My grade stack has come from 30 years of breaking. I had vast majority in boxes in closets. Waiting for cards and only paying when complete works for me.