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  1. I'd say you probably have to use buy-it-now listings to get the best price...with a little wiggle room for an offer. Be patient, get enough eyes on it, eventually someone will appreciate and value the card on its merits.
  2. It happens when a card is slightly oversized for their regular holder and has to be placed in the larger holder...but the plastic sleeve is needed for it to fit properly and not move around. I guess also could happen if a card was just a little small for their regular holder and needed the sleeve not to sit securely. Even cards from the same set/year do get cut differently and don't always come out the exact same size.
  3. In hand it feels most like a PSA one, smaller and thin...not bulkier like BGS and SGC.
  4. I'd be surprised if PSA does anything below the $200 level the rest of the calendar year. Agreed the CSG slabs are great, and the experience has not been great for many people. I won't be submitting anything again to CSG in the near future, but maybe down the road if turnaround times ever get back in check.
  5. Maybe start with the cards of the biggest stars, find the ones that are in the best condition, look up recently sold prices on ebay to see what the market is at for those cards. Or post a bulk pic with the cards and maybe people here can pick some out.
  6. And here are the subs: So I'm hoping it's a 6.5 overall (doesn't say yet) with 9 centering...I think that's a subgrade worth getting for this particular card.
  7. I'm getting back a vintage card that I chose subgrades for. I think it can be valuable if some of the subs will highlight special features of the card. This is a 1960 Mickey Mantle. I knew it was really well centered and that the surface really popped and it looks like the subgrades support that and I'll make sure to emphasize that when I sell it. Here's the raw card:
  8. Yeah, I had a $30 SGC submission that was delivered by USPS on May 27th and was graded and shipped back on June 2nd...six days later. Should have it in hand Monday. Feels really good to get a card back quick without paying a fortune.
  9. CardHero

    Overall Grade

    This is from the FAQ page about subgrades "...if the two lowest sub-grades are the same, then that is the final grade for the card."
  10. Man, can't imagine what they saw to say trimmed.
  11. Post a pic of the card if you can, definitely would like to see it.
  12. I can't imagine how someone could even trim one of those foils without destroying the edge. Just the size alone they usually wouldn't say ev/trimmed, would have to be something about how an edge is cut. Do you have a scan of the card you can post?
  13. Yeah, I feel lucky for sure. Maybe will send it in again with fedex.
  14. Got my returned package today. The box was pretty wrecked, actually looked like someone had quite possibly opened it. Was not sure my card would be in there. Thankfully it was and was unharmed.
  15. Yeah, they need to know which to open first…and this is how psa does it so they know which packages to open first. So instead of CSG just looking at each package and putting it in the sooner or later pile based on the outside writing, they just scan and put into the sooner or later pile based on what the scan tells them.