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  1. Post a picture of the card if you can. Not sure we can decode csg's rules but looking at a specific card would be helpful.
  2. You can get the 10 Pristine, just not the Perfect since you don't know if all 4 subs are 10s or not.
  3. Not an app, but if you'd like to do it manually these are great.
  4. So, you're just going to get either 0.5 or 1.0 more than the lowest sub-grade. To get the whole 1.0 higher, everything else has to be really strong, I'm guessing...a 0.5 bump above the lowest grade is the most common and usual. So maybe if the surface was 9.5 you might have got a 9 overall. But there's a bit of the unknown in what definitely makes a .5 or 1.0 above the lowest sub-grade.
  5. CardHero

    Show Off

    That payton grade is huge, congrats. You gonna hold onto it or sell?
  6. ^ I agree, if your card would be a "10 Perfect", they should definitely contact you and give you that information and choice to add would be prestigious for them to have a known perfect card in a csg holder, as well as benefit the customer of course.
  7. This is from the FAQ page here at csg "...the final grade can be no more than 1 point higher than the lowest sub-grade. In addition, if the two lowest sub-grades are the same, then that is the final grade for the card."
  8. The only grade you can't get without subs should just be "10 Perfect". No reason you couldn't get 9.5
  9. If centering was 6, the highest grade the card could get is's not an average. A 6 isn't completely horrendous centering, if they're really off center, could be lower. Posting pics of a couple would help.
  10. I think the area above the card is just too tall, it's almost 1/3 of the total holder size. Should be compressed down so the card is featured more. Keep all the info, just reduce font size if necessary. The overall grade could stay the same size, but make the subs and card description smaller to reduce that area. edit: I do like the look of the label, just the size is borderline absurd.
  11. I think some degree of customization options would be popular with people and no real reason not to offer it. I'm sure it will be a while before csg and other grading companies can get out of the backlog they are facing and focus on innovating like that. HGA does offer quite a few label choices, I think others will follow eventually with options.
  12. In the dropdown for manufacturer, when Hoops isn't there, click the "Add New" button and add Hoops
  13. That's kind of bad they wouldn't even elaborate on it. Did you store the card in any way that may have flattened or warped the card, like a screw down holder that didn't have a recessed area for the card? That can sometimes cause an EV Altered I believe. How was it kept?
  14. I believe you've only paid for them to ship it back to you via FedEx. It's still on you to package it up and ship the cards to them by whichever means you choose. Could be FedEx, UPS, USPS, whatever you want.
  15. Ok, then just one more the basketball on the back side at the lower right that says "NBA Players" have lines in it like basketball seams or is it solid, looks kind of solid from the picture, but hard to see for sure.