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  1. 47 days and counting delivered by UPS--not entered---ughhhh
  2. 47 days and counting --UPS delivered not entered yet!!-cmon CSG please let us know where your at and be transparent
  3. No worries just think it’ll be the same next month but you’ll have to pay more for the wait
  4. So based on that it’s taking another 4-5 weeks per week of subs— ouch that’s just to get them into the system double ouch
  5. Yup I think they are minimum of 6 weeks behind — the mystery of card grading companies lives on - no communication for them must be mean good communication
  6. Yeah it would be nice to know what week of submissions they are on seems like they are 4-6 weeks behind— I really wish they would limit subs to like 20 per — with all these job fairs you would think they have the personnel
  7. they're printing $$ you think they care about the little guy right now
  8. They got my $150 before I even subbed a card
  9. I just wish they would get ahead of it unlike there competitors that just stay quiet til they raise prices or stop accepting keep customers in the loop on progress and be transparent
  10. customer service today 4/07 said they are still working on week of March 8 submissions---yikes at this pace PSA will be open before they get past this week
  11. No I believe what he is saying is open as received but walk through may also have a backlog even though they get faster service if there is a backlog how can they promise you to open on day received if there are 100 of you ahead of you
  12. seeing as Florida is open for business will CSG eventually allow pick up or drop off of cards?
  13. It was ordered on the 18th— it’s been 8 business days and customer service said they were going to send email yesterday to confirm shipment — didn’t happen