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  1. I have two bulk with them at the moment. Bulk #1 was delivered on April 13th. It has been "Scheduled for Grading" since July 8th. Bulk #2 was delivered on April 28th. It was marked "Scheduled for Grading" on June 25th, and has been in "Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging" since July 8th.
  2. I attended the CSG Academy and at no time were any raw cards touched by any attendee. Each participant was given a random slabbed card that was marked "Sample" as part of the swag bag we received for attending. All of the cards used for the Grading Test were also slabbed "Sample" cards. I take that back, though, each attendee did receive a pack of 2021 Topps cards that we opened as part of a "Pack Wars" activity. So no, those who attended the academy did not touch yours, or anyone else's, raw cards...just to clear up that concern you expressed.
  3. If you have only completed the online submission form and haven't actually mailed your cards in then you will not be charged. They only charge you once your cards have been either Scheduled for Grading (as has happened to me) or when they are marked as being in Grading.
  4. June 25th: Scheduled for Grading July 8th: Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging
  5. My Submission #1 that was just marked as Scheduled for Grading shows that same message when I click on the order.
  6. Submission #1, delivered on April 13th, just hit the Scheduled for Grading phase, while Submission #2, delivered two weeks after, is now in Grading. Has your Bulk from April 2nd been marked as Scheduled for Grading yet?
  7. Apparently it is true that if you put a WT, EX, or ST card in with a bulk order your bulk order will leap past other bulk orders that were delivered before it. A tale of two of my submissions... - Submission #1 April 12th: Mailed (64 cards Bulk; 1 card Economy) April 13th: Delivered (I live in Sarasota so the mail is quick to reach CSG) June 23rd: Marked as Received on my Submissions Page (I did not mark the box there was an Economy submission in it) July 8th: Both the Bulk and Economy cards are marked as Scheduled for Grading - Submission #2 April 26th: Mailed (60 Bulk; 1 Express) April 28th: Delivered May 7th: Marked Received on my Submissions Page (due to my marking the box EX for the Express card) May 21st: Express card delivered back to me (graded 9.5) June 25th: 60-card Bulk order marked as Scheduled for Grading July 8th: 60-card Bulk order marked as Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging - One would think that since Submission #1 was delivered to CSG two full weeks before Submission #2 that it would be Scheduled for Grading first. But today Submission #2 jumped ahead of it and is now in that phase while Submission #1 sits as Received. - UPDATED STATUS OF BOTH ORDERS. Submission #2 is now in Grading while Submission #1, which was delivered two weeks before Submission #2, just now has been marked as Scheduled for Grading. Submission #2, all because I put one Express card in the box, is still ahead of the submission delivered two weeks prior. Crazy. -
  8. Reading everyone's submission comments I wanted to share my last two submissions. - Mailed April 12th (64 cards bulk; 1 card economy) Delivered April 13th (I live in Sarasota so the mail is quick to reach CSG) Marked Received on my Submissions Page June 23rd (I did not mark the box there was an Economy submission in it) - Mailed April 26th (60 bulk; 1 express) Delivered April 28th Marked Received on my Submissions Page May 7th (I marked box EX due to the express card) Express Card Received Back By Me on May 21st - So the submission that had my one express card took 7 business days from delivery at CSG to being marked Received, and then another 10 business days to be graded and back to me. - It will be interesting to see if the Bulk submission that was marked received on May 7th (due to my Express card) will come back sooner than the Bulk submissions that were just marked as Received June 23rd, but were actually delivered two weeks prior. - All in all, though, I am very pleased with CSG's turnaround times and am not complaining one bit. But, most, if not all, of these cards are going to stay in my PC so time is not of the essence in my getting them back. I can certainly understand those who are trying to flip and need that quick turnaround for your ROI, though.
  9. Probably 1983 Topps Baseball. I remember going to the Food Barn grocery store and there was a wire basket filled with those old three-section clear cellos. My mom would let me buy a couple of them each time we went. Ah, the good old days.
  10. *****SOLD***** $115 Shipped. 2021 Topps Heritage Casey Mize Real One Autograph #ROA-CM
  11. My first submission I used top loaders and everything went fine. I used sleeves on the cards also and made sure to leave the tip of the sleeve just a bit out of the top loader so the card could be pulled out without damaging the card.
  12. Excellent. Thanks for the clarification. I will make the necessary change to my order form.