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  1. What is everyone’s time on spending on the last step? I’ve been there for about a week now. Is this normal or do I just play the waiting game?
  2. My bulk order was received on 6/3 now on GEI so should be getting close. I hope
  3. Wow it took only 1 day for csg to show my package as received and scheduled for grading from when the post office dropped it off. I have a couple of bulk orders with one back in my hands after 4 months and one in grading. No complaints hear
  4. I sent in 2 bulk orders with quick submit. Got one back and one in grading. The quick submit was a life saver for those that have kids or jobs with very little time for there collection.
  5. I had the same issue with psa 2 years ago. I had two bulk orders that we’re about 2 months apart. One bulk orders that I sent in first had 50 cards with baseball and some hockey. The other bulk 50 card order I sent in almost two months later had all football and was mostly josh Allen,baker mayfield and Patric mahomes rookies. My football order was shipped back to me in less than 4 months when I shipped to them. It’s all about the POP report
  6. Looking for the same thing. Like myself I’m sure it was a popular option that collectors we’re using.
  7. right now csg are the only ones that are accepting bulk orders. i cant complain about 12 bucks a card as most of my cards are for the PC. some i do sell yet im not going to yell and stomp my feet at the clouds because its taking a few weeks longer than what they promised. i submited a few bulk orders to them in march and april and already received my order from march. no complaints hear. i have submited to PSA and beckett and have to admit i love these CSG slabs. if they can grade million doller comics i think i can trust them with my cards.
  8. With Beckett shut down and psa being very limited I’m guessing the floodgates are open now for csg. Let’s see if they can keep up with the flood of cards that’s about to be dropped off at there door.
  9. With what customer service told me is the day your package arrives to there office
  10. I had no issues with customer service at all. I was on hold for like 1 minute and right to who I need to talk to. I’m in the middle of nowhere so internet is very spotty so I called with some questions that she answered very quickly. Yes as soon as a package is received at there office then the clock starts. Yes I was very impressed with the service they provided.
  11. I tried with the submission with entering cards yet found that it took way to long. So I just did the quick submit. extra 100 bucks for a 50 bulk. Sucks yet it saved me a few hrs of heartache
  12. I sent a bulk order out and they received my shipment on March 22 yet it’s not showing up in the system yet.
  13. It took about two weeks to get my kit.
  14. I also did a bulk quick submit. This is a life saver service for those like me that has kids that never give me free space. Bulk+quick submit is still a great price and will definitely be using CGC as my go to service