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  1. I sent 2 cards and they delivered 3/19 and still haven't been logged. I sent another bulk shipment that delivered 4/13 and at the rate this is going, im totally gonna forget I even sent them.
  2. Mine was delivered 3/19 and still not logged. was a simple 2 card order. starting to get nervous here lol.
  3. Yea I had to leave the page open to continue the sub. No way I was able to confirm if I could save it and continue later so I didn’t wanna chance it. Plenty of times. Sometimes it would keep not taking the info I was putting in and zero out the boxes and I had to keep entering it over and over. Would take me forever just to get one single card entered. The entire sub took me way longer than it should to enter the cards.
  4. Honestly, after spending years using PSA's order entry fields, I found that trying to enter a bulk sub on CSG's online order form was very time consuming and clunky to use. Instead of trying to have to fill out 15 different fields one by one and trying to guess on set/subset/attributes, could you guys make it similar to PSA where as you start typing, it starts pre-filling closest matched sets/cards and then you can select or manually fill in one single field? Took me forever to fill in the beginning 40 cards in my sub. On a side note, judging from the way the cards enter, you can add sub
  5. apparently they are working on cards delivered 3/8/21. I had cards deliver 3/19/21 and assumed they would've loaded in a few days judging from peoples YouTube video reveals.
  6. aside from that card potentially being a reprint, I have noticed alot of EV returned cards in sub reveals on YouTube. seems like CSG may be either very strict (which can be good for detecting trimmed cards) or erroneously kicking back more cards than normal that aren't tampered with, but they are erring on the side of caution.
  7. yea I had an order deliver 3/19 and assumed it would've loaded quick. guess I totally underestimated their current amount of submissions.
  8. try oversized top loaders. I usually bag them to make sure they dont slide out.
  9. ive seen alot of subs return with a bunch of SU cards as well on YouTube videos. the reason for it definitely needs to be more specific than just the SU explanation. if its minsize, like PSA, it should indicate as such.that way we as submitters know why.
  10. so from time of delivery to time of entering into the system is usually 72 hours, however theres a backlog? My package showed delivered to the post office earlier this week and hasn't been logged. Just trying to judge the time frame before I send another package. Thanks.