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  1. Thank you for your question. The Reholder service are for cards that have been graded by CSG previously and the cards are sent in for an updated holder. The CrossOver service are for cards, like the one you have mentioned, that have been graded by another company. Currently, CSG's CrossOver service accepts cards in a PSA, Beckett or SGC holder is evaluated for CSG grading. We will announce when we add more cards that have been graded by a previous company.
  2. Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, we will not be there. Our graders are working on grading here in Florida. Here is a link to show all the events we will attend in the future.
  3. Thank you for your question. Depending the type of cards you are submitting, the submission form will only give you the two options.
  4. Absolutely! However, if you want the cases back, you need to request it on the submission form and there is a fee to ship the cases back to you.
  5. The turnaround time is based on the the tier(s) selected for submissions. As of today the current turnaround times are here:
  6. Thank you for your question. The encapsulated cards are placed in a styrofoam block fitted with individual slots for each card and it is surrounded with packaging material for further protection.
  7. Thank you for your question. CSG processes credit card payments when a submission enters the grading phase of the certification process. This reduces the time between when credit cards are charged and when submissions are returned.
  8. Thank you for your question. Yes, CSG does grade panini stickers.
  9. Thank you for your question. Since you haven't mailed your submission, you can cancel and enter a new one.
  10. NicholePer


    Thank you for your question. Turnaround times reflect the average length of time that we think it will take to complete a submission received today under a given grading tier or service. Turnaround times for individual submissions can vary based on a variety of factors including whether the submission form was completed properly, the submission was packaged correctly, the collectibles require additional research and other reasons. Here are the list of the grading tiers and the estimated times on grading, which will impact the length of when submissions will be shipped back. https://www.csgcard
  11. If the cards are less than that size, then yes we do accept them. However, there are card types CSG doesn't grade. I'm sure you have seen them already, but just in case here is the link to that page.
  12. Thank you for your question. If your card is 7.25 mm thick or over, then I would wait until we start accepting thick cards.
  13. Thank you for your suggestion. We are constantly working behind the scenes to upgrade our service.
  14. Thank you for your question. We are constantly upgrading and evolving our service and products. As soon as we are ready to release products, we will make an announcement on our website.
  15. Thank you for your question. Unfortunately not at this time.