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  1. I know CSG was making price changes on the 28th but I tried to do an online submit tonight and the only grading options available where express and walk through, wondering why this was ?
  2. I would submit this question under the ask CSG section, you will get a response from someone at CSG.
  3. think this information will be helpful for submitting in the future, thanks !
  4. I'm curious how can a this reprint card have a copyright from 2003 if it was printed recently ?
  5. be very careful if you decide to remove Ricky from that screwdown, it can sometimes damage the card when taking it out. Your Jordan RC is AWESOME !!
  6. I'm going to bet you will have their attention with an 86 Fleer Jordan Rookie.
  7. Another option is an auction house, if you grade them first or not. Plenty of them available.
  8. I know when my submission was signed for at CSG it was a few days before it was considered received, and entered into their system. I have to figure they get tons of packages a day, so to think it would be entered in their system the same day as signed for, is doubtful.
  9. warren19


    that's kinda what I was eluding to in this question I started here.
  10. warren19


    Hi, I was wondering, if you submit a card for grading and decide not to get sub grades are you considering making the label smaller ? Only reason I ask is that there is that big space in the middle of the label where the sub grades would be ? Just a thought, thanks !!