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  1. Most of mine were two days ...48 hours. This current bulk order is going on 1 week. I don't get it. I was hoping to be chaged for it 10/6/2021 but as of 10/13/2021...nothing zero progress
  2. I have about 20 bulk orders in process. Orders 1-9 have(officially) arrived. I received back orders 1,2,4 but order number 3 is in limbo...I don't get it. There is nothing irregular about order #3 all standard cards, nothing odd. But i got order #4 back on 8/2/21. I emailed and got back a generic answer they gave me no reason why this order was passed over. just a generic ( you order is in process) Order #3 was a month ahead of Order #4 in the system. Now it's working on being a month behind. When i emailed i clearly asked WTF is up with my third order and why i got #4 back before #3. I don't get it. This order has Vlad Jr.s, Tatis, Luis Robert and Yordans..That's it. Just 4 players. for a bulk order of 50. Anyone else getting this type of situation?
  3. They are currently on my 3rd bulk order. They completed bulk orders 1 and 2 and 4 and skipped #3 for some weird reason and i received my 4th order on 8/2 something funky is going on with my stuff
  4. Then why did I just get a Grading/Quality Control update today? What are you guys doing over there? To me it seems like an extra step added to the production line to simply be able to charge us when you have actually started grading yet. It's weird and we all notice it. It's not an option in the list of "Current Status".
  5. Yes...7/22/2021 at around 130PM
  6. I'm convinced the status of Grading, Encapsulation, Imaging is . There is no way in he11 it takes a month to grade a bulk order of 50. Encapsulate it and Image it. There's no way. If they want to charge us when it goes to grading they need to grade it. Not just post that status knowing they are still weeks or months out.
  7. I have about 20 bulk orders in process the First one is back to me. The next four all arrived 5/10 5/17 5/18 5/28. All went to the same status of G/E/I the same week. Kind of fishy...we all know they are not grading all of my orders at the same time. The next 3 are Scheduled for grading. I don't think they're even close to being in the graders hands. Maybe scheduled 6 months out.
  8. It means they want to charge you even though it's not actually being graded, encapsulated or imaged. I have 5 orders in this status. There is no way 1 of the 5 isn't complete by now since they achieved this status on pretty much the same day.
  9. Mine have been in that status for over 2 weeks. so there's that.
  10. I dont think so. I've had a bulk order in grading/encapsulation/imaging for like two or three weeks. but yet the seem to really want to orders to be "scheduled for grading" so they can charge but not actually do anything with them beyond that. It seems like a lot of people failed the grading exam and they were placed in a different role. Like documenting the order for grading so they can slap that "scheduled for grading tag on our orders.
  11. You've been living in a dream world Neo. This is the world as it exists today. ...1 year.
  12. Something has happened. I sent in 22 bulk orders, 2 per week and there has been zero progress on anything - Zero updates to any kind of status change since 6/5/2021. I received my first order back, partially on 6/18/2021. First 7 submissions were falling in to place, than fill stop on everything. 1006 6/5/21 50 601 Bulk (50-card minimum Received 1006 6/4/21 50 377 Bulk (50-card minimum Received 1005 5/28/21 50 527 Bulk (50-card minimum Received 1005 5/18/21 50 297 Bulk (50-card minimum Received 1004 5/17/21 50 396 Bulk (50-card minimum Received 1004 5/10/21 70 906 Bulk (50-card minimum Received 1002 4/12/21 80 711 Bulk (50-card minimum In Process/Partial Ship 6/10/21
  13. Poor Phil, if you didn't want people to know you're naive. You're doing a bad job. Whiny azz.