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  1. Arrived March 15th NO updates 20 Working days = 26 actual days...Hello darkness my old friend...
  2. I sit at home wondering if they work a normal 5 days a week or 7 days a week for those that want overtime. If they work 8 hour days or 10 hour days and take overtime volunteers for the other 3 days of the week. they do 4/10s and also a 3/12 schedule for the weekend shift...and eliminate the OT all together. If they are planning to open different submission/grading locations in the US. It boggles my mind there is only 1 spot to send CSG submissions to. I've said it before but that's like a guy in New York ordering his Starbucks straight from Seattle. Insane. Which ever grading company f
  3. Welding and fabrication is my personal specialty. The mechanical/engine stuff is just plain fun to learn and do, so far so good since my first chevy 4.3 engine rebuild on my S-10 Blazer back when i was like..20 ish. paint annoying part.
  4. To be honest I've been looking at restoring late 60s model muscle car to pass the time. maybe early 70s. take my mind off of it. I have 12 more submissions ready to go but I'd like my 3 in progress to be done first. I found a 69 Chevelle for 1,500...I'm looking into it.
  5. Were not the ones who set the rules CSG did. They're were naive from the start. We as the "demand" have nothing to do with it. We all are familiar with the state of the industry but CSG is one who set the terms to attract customers with false hopes...indicating they had their stuff together. They do not. If I sell you a car with a 10 year warranty I'm not allowed to change that to a 4 year warranty before you drive off the lot. I don't think anyway...I'm not a car salesman.
  6. They got us with the dates. Jacked them up after they had tons of submissions. Give it two weeks and it will be 120 days...Working days that is. So basically after the baseball season is over. Cool.
  7. Imagine if everyone who wanted Starbucks had to order it from Florida. Well first of all it would be cold when you received it 4 months later, It would most likely be spoiled, it would most likely be spilled. but all that isnt the point. It's supply and demand. The first company with the brains to open multiple locations through out the US win the market. I do not see how they don't get it. Also, I'm 100% down for graders needing to get a certification. Some sort of National Standard for Sports Card Grading. The last thing we all need is a grading company hiring temps. To be honest I'd like to
  8. In other news...the 60 day bulk has been changed to 80 day bulk. Sounds like they already need to shut it down for the summer and resume order in the fall.
  9. I haven't seen any new CSG reveal videos come out youtube recently. Its concerning because there should be at least a few per day. I know if you tube is still around when i get my cards back it's going post a return video. You would assume you could watch CSG return videos for hours but it does not seem that anything is leaving the facility. by the way post your return videos on youtube. P.S. I've never seen a youtube video reveal a 10. and I think I've seen them all.
  10. That's the day when my first submission arrived to updates on progress for me.
  11. Brady might be in the hall of fame before you get those cards back.