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  1. This...the Blackstone acquisition ensures that CSG isn't going anywhere and they are probably the only grading company with the resources now to go toe to toe with PSA. The future is bright for CSG despite the constant complaining and whining on this forum over their first four months in business.
  2. I follow CSG cards pretty closely on eBay (I think they're significantly undervalued right now) and cards with subgrades nearly always sell for more money than cards without. The same is true for BGS cards. It sucks because collectors don't seem to care that PSA and SGC cards don't have subgrades, yet if it's a BGS or CSG card, it almost needs to have them. Seems like a double standard.
  3. This. I can’t believe the junk people are submitting for grading. Call me a gatekeeper all you want, but search for CSG on eBay and check out the absolute garbage people are sending them to grade. The same people are then the first to complain when TATs and grading costs blow up. Go find a different hobby to destroy.
  4. By far the easiest slab to crack. And the 9.5 (Mint+) on their grading scale is totally a cover for Gem Mint population control.
  5. They have an attribute for Image Variation. I've got two cards in Grading status right now that are SP variants and they have Image Variation listed as a card attribute. I think you need to specify it on your submission form. It would be pretty difficult for them to know or memorize the various image variation cards across all sports, all years, and all products.
  6. I guess you could say 3lewsers "Excels" with spreadsheets...
  7. Definitely. People need to chill out. We're in unprecedented times in the hobby and CSG has been in the game for less than six months. Everyone needs to take a breath, relax, and be patient.
  8. Shhh...this forum is only for bashing and criticizing CSG. Get out of here with your good news and positive comments.
  9. CCG Aquired By Blackstone Wow...didn't see this coming. That's huge! Congrats CSG!
  10. This can't be stated enough for new collectors to hear. It doesn't matter if you just pulled a 2021 card out of a fresh pack, that doesn't mean the condition is Gem Mint, especially to meet CSG Gem Mint standards. Even today, Panini and Topps leave much to be desired in their printing and quality control. The average pack pulled card today is likely an 8.5-9. I actually think CSG sending so many older cards back ungraded with a label of Altered/Trimmed isn't exposing fake or fraud, it's exposing inconsistent and poor manufacturing from decades ago. CSG and their tough standard is going to be t
  11. That was a great interview, but he pulled a lot of punches to avoid criticizing or insulting flippers. He also said another big problem is people not realistically reviewing the condition of the cards they submit. Everyone thinks every card they pull out of a pack is a Gem Mint. If only it were that simple...
  12. I'm so sorry this is happening to you. It sounds like you should just stick with PSA's half-assed and lax grading.
  13. I don't see them changing this soon given they've already graded two months worth of cards. Hopefully, they take this feedback to heart and in a couple years, make some label changes like PSA and SGC did.
  14. Million dollar question, just don't hold your breath.