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  1. You had zero chance of these cards crossing over to a PSA 10 in their CSG slabs. PSA has zero incentive to make people think that a CSG 9.5 is a PSA 10. Had you cracked the CSG cases and sent the cards in, you had a shot. Same goes with SGC. PSA is not going to make customers think CSG and SGC are on the same level as them, though they're both definitely tougher than PSA. It's that simple.
  2. That last step is typically super quick (in my experience). Order usually ships within two days of moving to that status.
  3. Buyer's dream! With the Blackstone acquisition and already established partnership with Fanatics, the future is bright for CSG. They're the only grading company positioned to compete with PSA in the long term (5+ years from now). That's not great now for flippers, but too damn bad.
  4. I think the question is are cards graded with subgrades held to a higher standard than those without? If this is case, it would have been nice to know before I submitted and will likely determine whether I submit with CSG again in the future. I've defended CSG on this forum and social media at every turn, understanding that a new company would have growing pains given the current state of the hobby. If there are two different grading standards based on subgrades and it wasn't publicly disclosed, I can't and won't defend that.
  5. Shhh...CSG slabs are absolute steals right now.
  6. As I understand it, CSG's final grade will always be equal to the two lowest subgrades, if identical. That being said, shouldn't this card have been a 9, not a 9.5?
  7. Get out of here with all that common sense, reason, and facts. Did you miss the memo that this forum is just for complaining and trashing CSG?
  8. This is the only part of my CSG experience that has frustrated me. I know TATs and prices will need to change given the junk flippers and newbies are sending them. But when you bill me, my cards better be a week or two away from my door, not a month. That being said, they are tough but fair graders with reasonable pricing and the best slab in the industry so I will be a repeat customer.
  9. This. I don't understand why people on this forum constantly compare CSG to PSA. By now, everyone in the hobby should realize and understand CSG is much tougher and has much higher grading standards compared to PSA. PSA's lax grading standards is one of the main reasons they're so popular and yet people continue to overpay for PSA cards. PSA is for the casuals and flippers.
  10. They just did breaks and giveaways. No grading.
  11. Agreed. I think SGC understood this and that's why they did what they did at The National.
  12. This...the Blackstone acquisition ensures that CSG isn't going anywhere and they are probably the only grading company with the resources now to go toe to toe with PSA. The future is bright for CSG despite the constant complaining and whining on this forum over their first four months in business.
  13. I follow CSG cards pretty closely on eBay (I think they're significantly undervalued right now) and cards with subgrades nearly always sell for more money than cards without. The same is true for BGS cards. It sucks because collectors don't seem to care that PSA and SGC cards don't have subgrades, yet if it's a BGS or CSG card, it almost needs to have them. Seems like a double standard.
  14. This. I can’t believe the junk people are submitting for grading. Call me a gatekeeper all you want, but search for CSG on eBay and check out the absolute garbage people are sending them to grade. The same people are then the first to complain when TATs and grading costs blow up. Go find a different hobby to destroy.