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  1. Couldn't agree more on this. I see people fawning over these slabs on Twitter and I just don't get it.
  2. I must be crazy because I hear so much criticism of SGC's slab, but I actually prefer it to both PSA and BGS. It's classy, consistent, and the black background makes the card pop. There's been a ton of positive feedback regarding CSG's slab so I'm excited to get my order back to see for myself.
  3. I'll second this. The CSG penny sleeves and rigid holders are fantastic. Better than any others I've used in 25 years of collecting.
  4. Couldn’t agree more. PSA shutting down and SGC increasing prices buried CSG. Flippers only had one place to turn with their junk wax base cards and flavors of the week. I’m sure there are several hundred Darnold RCs awaiting grading at CSG right now.
  5. This is the point many in the hobby fail to understand. Grading isn’t an entry level job. It requires years of experience and expertise. It’s not a customer service or call center job. Can’t pull Joe Sixpack off the street to do it. It’s a very niche job that also requires someone with rare skills to live near a specific area. Grading supply isn’t increasing anytime soon so demand needs to chill out.
  6. It's pretty common for people to do this with SGC 9.5s too. That's technically not their "Gem Mint" grade, but they are routinely cracked and submitted to PSA and come back 10s.
  7. I would manage your expectations when it comes to crossovers at CSG. Every review of CSG I've seen seems to indicate they're the new standard when it comes to tough grading. I don't expect this to be like PSA where SGC 9.5s routinely become PSA 10s.
  8. I couldn't agree with this more. If we were on reddit, I would have given this gold. It is amazing to me how many people in the hobby don't understand that PSA has the volume they do because they're the easiest and most lax of the grading companies. It's that simple. Quite frankly, it is shameful they've become the industry standard given their shoddy grading and numerous scandals.
  9. CSG has a page dedicated to this: https://www.csgcards.com/submit/declared-value-policy/ It explicitly says price guide which is why I used Beckett.
  10. I used Beckett High value for the submission I just sent.
  11. ***puts on tinfoil hat*** I actually think PSA stopped submissions as an evil genius move to hurt their competition. It sounds counterintuitive, but the main criticism of PSA has been their backlog and TATs. Well, they knew stopping submissions would crush SGC and CSG and create backlogs and rough TATs. I don't think they anticipated SGC raising prices like they did. I also find the timing of PSA's move more than curious. They've had a backlog for over a year and decide to stop taking submissions less than a month after CSG launches?
  12. I agree flippers are part of the problem. Hopefully, the recent actions of PSA and SGC puts most flippers out of business. I’m sure they’ll just send to CSG and create the same backlog they’ve built at the other companies.
  13. Since CSG has QR code capability it would be smart to link their future pop report to it. Would let you just scan the slab QR code, pull up the scan of that card with a link to the pop report. No typing.
  14. To clarify this as I found out, to qualify for bulk pricing, you need to submit 50 cards at that level, not just 50 cards total in your submission.
  15. SGC is going to dry up fast at that rate. If they have a backlog, they won’t for long. Will be interesting to see if they keep their word and reduce prices when circumstances warrant. Not something that happens often (maybe ever) in the business world.