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  1. Don't worry, he told me he would ignore me too. I am tempted to ask if he works for CSG. In his original post he says we a lot when talking of CSG as if he was part of the company.
  2. They're still a new company in the world of grading. They've only been open for about 5 months and many are still waiting for their bulk slabs from April to finish grading. So if you think about it, there are really only about maybe 3 months worth of graded cards out there. I'm not surprised that you are not seeing very many of them. At the same time, look at SGC. They've been around for years and you still don't see a lot of them. Unfortunately, even though I like SGC and CSG, you just won't see much of them out there compared to BGS and PSA. Those two were the standard for grading for years and PSA still is.
  3. They want me to basically fill out a reholder request and send it back to them. They said it would be no charge but they also did not say anything about reimbursing me for the value of the 9.5 card. It's not a lot of value but I would expect some type of compensation. I guess I will have to wait and see.
  4. I emailed customer service but will have to wait until tomorrow hopefully for a response.
  5. In addition to the constant increase to turnaround times, the lack of "thicker" holders to hold cards cut slightly larger at the manufacturer and the continued increase in prices like the new thick holder surcharge, we now have to deal with them damaging our cards during the encapsulation. Thanks guys. I really appreciate it.
  6. I think it's how they raise prices without technically raising prices.
  7. I'm thinking those cases with the inner sleeve are the larger cases they are waiting for. One of the CS Reps told me they were getting some in a little at a time so I believe there are some of the larger cases out there and those are the only ones different from the snug fit ones.
  8. That is insane. CSG just doesnt like me or something. I just looked at my order again and I use to have subgrades and no overall grades. Now I dont have any grades at all and they are in grading/qc. They were already graded. Why are they going back through again? I did take screenshots of the original subgrades though just in case they change my grades.
  9. I see now that the link has disappeared.
  10. Sorry, but I'm not comprehending this. Are you saying that you have shipped out (3) orders submitted at the Bulk level of 50 cards or more and that you have had all (3) orders graded and shipped back to you with all cards graded? If so, I'm going to have to ask for some sort of proof as you sir are a unicorn. There is not one person out there that I believe has gotten 3 bulk orders back from CSG yet. I will continue to believe that until someone can show me proof otherwise. This company is not touching bulk orders. My bulk order was received Feb 26, mere days after they opened up and it is still there now.
  11. I asked a question in the "Ask CSG" section but am waiting for it to be approved and then hopefully get some info on it.
  12. I noticed there is a new option under "My CSG" called "My Registry Sets". Can you explain how this works or point us in the direction where we can find out about it?
  13. You're probably right but considering they have made him the face of the company, he should be the one addressing those issues.
  14. Before I go and waste my time listening, does he address any of the following questions: Where are the larger cases and why do you continue to push false information to individual customers about when they will arrive? Who still remembers them telling you they will be here in May? Now it's two months from now. yet a Customer Service rep told me they were getting small quantities in periodically. Those most likely are earmarked for the higher submission levels. Why after being drowned in a sea of cardboard are they still accepting submissions when they don't have the supplies nor the employee capacity necessary to fulfill the current backlog? Why did you set turnaround times at 60 "estimated" days, change them to 199 days and then refuse to return our cards when customers decide they don't want to wait that long? Can I change my mind and only pay half for the service? No, but you can change your side of the contract? 199 business days is now entering PSA turnaround times prior to their shutdown. They will have shorter turnaround times once they open back up. Why then should we submit with CSG instead of PSA? ROI? No. Why are customers who submitted cards in March getting the option to have their orders partially shipped back but my order from February that only needs two of the larger cases still sits there with no email for me? Yeah, he doesn't address those questions does he? Why is Andy Broome hiding and not addressing the real issues with his organization?
  15. Unfortunately, the reality is that first impressions can tell you a whole lot about a company and my first impression of CSG (like most others) is not good. What kills me is the fact that they do not even care. I love the look of the slabs, but if you can't get your cards put into them, what else good can they do?