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  1. They were marked as received on Feb 26. I've actually gotten my economy order submitted at the same time back already at the end of March, beginning of April. This was prior to the PSA shutdown. My issue is that I submitted when there was a 60 day turnaround. Now its 133 days and somehow I'm sure CSG is going to put my order in the same category as those being submitted today. Even though they claim a FIFO system, any card submitted at a higher level is going to get put in front of bulk. So the onslaught of cards they have been receiving since the shutdown is stopping mine from being returned.
  2. This is starting to get ridiculous. I have a bulk order that was entered as received on Feb 26. I have been told everything under the sun about it. I've already been invoiced and paid for the grades. I was told 2 or 3 weeks ago it was in encapsulation. Then it went back to scheduled for grading. Then it went to we are waiting for larger cases that should be in next week (that was two weeks ago). Why is it so difficult for these companies to be honest with their customers? I'm sitting at 50 business days for this order. I believe the turnaround time at the time of submission was 60 business day
  3. Since it takes forever for a moderator to approve anything in the "Ask CSG" thread, I figured I would post this here. As many of us know, our orders are being held back because you are waiting on larger holders because one or more cards in our orders are too large for your regular cases. The problem is that every week, you continuously tell us they will be in next week. You said that this week. You said that three weeks ago. You tell all of us the same thing. How is it that a company that's clearly spending a significant amount of money with its primary supplier of the one item they need
  4. It's weird. Mine had the same thing happen today. Status disappeared but subgrades were loaded. Now the status says "Scheduled for grading", subgrades are still there, but no overall grades.
  5. I think you either need to resubmit before shipping or send it in and once they enter it into the system, call customer service and request to add subgrades. Their customer service is pretty good and I think I have read or heard of others doing similar. i know there was an issue earlier where we could not select the grade the auto and had to call and request it.
  6. Have any of the six grading companies out there (PSA, BGS, SGC, CSG, HGA, or GMA) ever lowered their fees/prices? I've only been grading for two or three years, so I've only been doing this while the prices and demand have risen, but am genuinely curious (while most likely already knowing the answer) if they have ever lowered their prices. If you find the answer to that, I think you will have the answer to the question you are asking.
  7. I think this is an interesting topic. I will start by saying that I have opted to add subgrades to all my submissions. I think it looks better. I feel that if not adding more value, it at least adds more information that could help a potential buyer make a more informed decision on whether he wants to purchase the card or not. I do think that the $10 charge for adding them is a little much but I'm just not a fan of the slabs without subgrades. I believe $5-$7 would be a much better price. There is too much open space without them. If they found a way to fill that space better on cards without
  8. I may be incorrect but I believe when you signed up for the membership, did you not have to input your credit card info? I believe that is how they charge you for their service. On my first order, my credit card info was incorrect because I had to get a new card. They attempted to charge me and it would not go through. They emailed me to let me know and I was able to call them and give them the correct info. You can call their customer service to verify though. They are fairly responsive and you should not have long to wait.
  9. I don't personally have an issue with people grading whatever they want and profiting from it. If I did, I would stop grading. But knowing that there are more collectors now and knowing that people who collected a long time ago are hearing about the grading card explosion and going back through their closets and sending what they collected when they were younger in, that is how you explain the longer turnaround times. Grading card services are currently a very inelastic service, meaning that demand is still high and climbing even with the price increase. That is a signal to the grading compani
  10. Slow your role there "guy." You sought out the CSG forum to post complaints about a company that you are not even using and don't expect people to comment. Maybe you should have just kept your mouth shut and your comments to yourself. I was trying to help and the intent was not to rub you the wrong way but apparently you got butthurt when someone provided an actual justification that went against what you believe. You are clearly either picking and choosing what you read or purposely avoiding the positives about CSG. I'm willing to bet those same "various websites" have positive reviews about
  11. The other half of my order has popped and I didn't get any 10's with that one. So I now have submitted 74 cards and only gotten 3 CSG 10's. I've got another 41 card order with them so maybe I will get 1 or 2 in that order. But at least they are consistent. You don't hear of anyone out there getting a disproportionate amount of 10's versus the rest of the CSG community.
  12. I'm not sure if you are genuinely asking a question or just ranting about the price increase. I will try to help explain why CSG did what it did, although I'm also in the dark like yourself and am just trying to decide what I would have done if I were in their shoes. First of all, CSG is not new. They've been around for years and many people who participate in their comic, coin, or gaming card sector also collect sports cards. Those are the people they were really trying to draw in. The ones who are already using their services and know their reputation. The bonus is any new people in th
  13. I've had the same issue before and it all ended well. Looking at my submission, a lot of cards were listed as autographed or something else when they weren't. I was concerned about this and called customer service and she told me it would be taken care of during the grading process. Once I got my first 19 card order back, I didn't see any of the previously noted issues. Not that CSG won't make a mistake or two, but they are pretty good at making the corrections prior to shipping back to you.
  14. I do not believe they will reach out to you prior to grading the card to let you know about the upcharge. I believe your first notification will be when you receive your invoice for services rendered. In order to avoid the surprise bill it is imperative that you be honest with yourself when declaring your card value. The good thing with CSG is that they go by raw card value, not graded card value like PSA. I've always hated that. I have to send my card in at the level of a PSA 10 but if it doesn't grade a PSA 10, they don't refund you.
  15. I know it doesn't make you fell any better about your cards whereabouts but remember, CSG is pretty much the only option for grading right now. We've essentially gone from 4 companies down to 1. PSA closed, SGC raised prices beyond logical, and BGS takes a year to return your cards. I wish they could throw out a number because based off of previous comments from PSA on what their daily total package count looks like, I'd be interested to see what CSG is currently getting on an average day. I suspect there is no way their "Receiving" department is able to keep up with demand. But, I do believe