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  1. Received the rest of my cards back to complete the bulk order I sent in early March. Overall, I'd say I'm satisfied. I thought the grades were generally fair and spot on. I added up all the grades I estimated and what came back over 48 cards. Grades returned were 6 points higher than what I predicted, which isn't that significant over 48 cards. I did get two cards returned as trimmed, which I really don't get based on looking over the cards and comparing them to other similar cards. They were both '58 topps cards - one Mays/Snider and the other Early Wynn. Neither is a particularly high value card. Still, overall, I thought the grades were fair and customer services was good. And was nice that they sent the cards back next day UPS.
  2. I thought overall the grading was fair. I had a spreadsheet I made for myself where I put what I thought the grade should be to compare with what came back. Of the ones where I was off, about 2/3 I under graded and 1/3 I over graded, but none by more than a grade. The exception was a 1969 leaders card I thought was would get a 7 or 8 and ended up with a 5 and I still can't figure out why. I don't think the grades were consistently a grade higher than SGC/PSA or anything like that.
  3. I remember it very clearly. It was 1983 and my Dad took me to the card shop. He bought me a 1965 Topps leaders card with Koufax and Drysdale. It wasn't in great condition, but I was fascinated immediately by the older cards. He also said I could get a pack - I chose 1981 Donruss because it was older than the 1983 cards. I still have those cards!
  4. This is not necessarily fake. This is a major flaw in CSG system that I also just experienced. I put in a question on ask CSG so hopefully they will answer it. I just got back a partial order on my bulk submission. I tested out the QR thing because I saw this post. None of my cards are listed. I think its because they don't close it out until the entire order is returned, but its definitely going to impact people trying to sell or trade their cards. Fortunately, mine are for my personal collection, but I was thinking of trading a couple at an upcoming show (or trying to). At any rate, I think this is a systemic issue that needs to be addressed. And here are some of the cards I got back. Other than this verification issue, I'm very happy. I think the cards look great in the slabs and the grading is fair.
  5. Got back 37 of 50 bulk submission, mostly vintage (a few 80's cards too). I haven't seen many examples of CSG with vintage, so sharing this and wanted to say, I really do like the way they cards look in these cases and also I thought their grading overall was on point and fair.
  6. Hi all - I received 37 cards of my 50 card order today. Yay! There is no rhyme or reason to the 13 cards that are being held. They must have just been cut a tad larger or something because they are all standard issue cards, mostly topps. I guess I'l receive them some time in the next few months. However, I wanted to share that (1) The cards look awesome in the cases; (2) Grading I thought was pretty on point and very fair (3) One major issue is that the verification code/QC code thing on the back doesn't work. I think this is an issue for partially shipped orders, but it will make selling or trading them more difficult. These are all PC cards, but I might consider trading a couple and this would impact that. I put in a question to ASK CSG about this. (4) Picture below. I haven't see that many vintage cards from CSG, so here you go vintage fans - this is what older cards look like in the holders.
  7. My bulk package arrived on 3/9 at CSG. I received note yesterday with tracking number that 37 of the 50 cards are done and being sent back. Tracking number confirms that they are in transit. All cards I submitted were from 1957-1990 with no odd sized cards. Over the phone they confirmed that 2 cards needed the thick cases, both from '58. They were unable to ID the other 11 cards that are not being sent back because of the cases. Grades not yet viewable online. But, it looks like I'll be receiving 37 cards back next week and the rest of them in a couple months or whenever they get their larger cases.
  8. I think this is a big problem. I was charged over a month ago, was told my cards were graded, and a couple were waiting on larger slabs. They have been unable to tell me which card(s) is/are the holdup. I'm still marginally within the initial 60 working days. My cards arrived at their facility around March 9 and have apparently been graded since mid-April.
  9. I had the same experience. I was charged and my cards were apparently graded over a month ago and I sent in all normal cards (50s-80s). Had the same experience with customer service.
  10. I think its' going to be a while. Just talked with customer service. They said that larger cases are not in or being used. I submitted my cards beginning of March in bulk. Was told about a month ago that they were graded and I was charged, but that the cards were being held because a couple/few measure slightly larger and needed the new cases. When I submitted (before PSA shutdown, etc), turnaround time was 60 days. Customer service now says that I should expect to get cards back based on turnaround time currently on the website, which is now 133 days. While they are shipping some regular orders back and not slabbing the ones that are too large, they are just holding bulk orders even if everything is graded. No ETA on when larger cases will be in. So I'm not expecting to get my cards back for a while based on this conversation. And not super excited about submitting another order any time soon - at least until they work things out and I get my first order back.
  11. Totally get that. This card would otherwise easily be a 6, but it's clearly not since it's way off center. Just trying to see how CSG defines miscut as opposed to near miscut, which are the descriptors they use in their grading scale.
  12. Looking at the grading scale, what is the difference between a miscut and a near miscut? What do you call it when there is virtually no border on one side of the card, but it doesn't include part of the adjoining card, such that centering is something like 95-5 or 98-2 or whatnot? Could such a card get a 3 (VG) assuming everything else is in excellent condition or would it's cap be a 1.5 (Fair).
  13. I was charged. Was told my cards were graded but a couple needed the new cases. Now status shows them back in grading. I'm assuming that's just because they are not finalized and they don't want to leave status blank anymore because of all the questions it was causing.