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  1. Anyone else think they will announce the larger holders and acceptance of thicker cards on Thursday April 29th? The day after the fees go up...
  2. I think the main problem with these companies hiring graders is there is only 1 office for them to work out of, to work for CSG you HAVE to live in Sarasota, FL and a $2500 bonus is nowhere near enough for me to consider moving. I think it would make more sense to have 3 offices, East coast, West Coast, and Central. It opens up the pool of possible graders, speeds up submission entry, and cuts down on mailing costs.
  3. CSGs Customer Service is actually really good and if you send them your question, they will give a more detailed answer. I got tired of the scripted answers on the forum so reached out via email and was told they are “hoping” to receive the larger holders next week but said there is no guarantee.
  4. I heard that there is a shipping delay for the larger holders and I’m wondering if it has anything to do with what happened in the Suez Canal
  5. I think they may be holding off on sending out any completed bulk submissions until they get the new holders. My submission has been in the encapsulation room for a month now.
  6. I finally got a response from Beckett customer service that said the Economy (Old 30 day) is currently being completed in 195 Working Days
  7. @tmoore_25 Did they receive your package on Feb. 26 or is that the day that they entered it into their system as “Received?”
  8. If anyone out there has submitted in bulk to CSG and already received your cards back, what day were they entered into the system and how long did it take for the status to change from “Scheduled for Grading.” My credit card was charged 2 weeks ago but I still show “Scheduled for Grading”
  9. PSA completed thru dates for Economy submissions have been stuck on September 1, 2020 for over 3 weeks now with no movement
  10. I mailed a bulk submission on February 16 and it took the post office 2 weeks to deliver. Package was delivered March 1 and was then entered into the CSG system as “Received” on March 8. Status changed to “Scheduled for Grading” on March 26. I received an email asking for my credit card information on April 1 and my card was charged on April 2 but the submission still shows as “Scheduled for Grading” BGS 30 day order-Received by BGS on July 24, 2020. I received email stating BGS received order on November 3, 2020. On March 18, 2021, my account on Beckett’s website shows “Invoice Creat
  11. Don’t you just love scripted answers??
  12. My submission updated to “Scheduled for Grading” earlier this week and when I click on the submission number, it takes me to a page that says “Details not found. If you've entered a valid submission number, details will be available when the submission is at the "Scheduled for Grading" status” Is this correct or should I be able to see at least some details?? Thanks