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  1. Their slowest tier or Bulk tier is currently at 80 business days, or 4 months. It was previously 60 business days aka 3 months. So only raised a month. Doesn’t seem to be at the level BGS and PSA were at though with wait times of 8-12 months.
  2. Yeah I mean I don’t get too worried about this stuff or let it bother me as it all works out eventually. I think it takes a couple weeks or so before they officially receive and add it to the system, and then get working on it. The fact my March 9th submission was moved to “scheduled to be graded” less than a month in was very nice to see, but even if it wasn’t it says 60 business days so I’m happy to be patient and wait. I definitely don’t think you’ll be waiting a year before your submissions are opened lol. So can probably rest easy on that one. As far as 60 days not being guaranteed, yeah
  3. My first submission was received on March 9th. I think it was delivered about a week or two before. It’s now in the “scheduled to be graded” phase. My second submission was received late last week. So I suspect it will be acknowledged in around a week.
  4. Just to add I’m really interested to see what my Topps 66 Mickey Mantle comes back. Was pretty low grade but I’m just soo inexperienced with card grading still I have no clue what to expect, whether it will be like a 1 or a 3 lol. So will be fun to see that!
  5. Great cards, grades look solid! I’m kinda new to this, so is the Tiffany thing just a mistake or is that a legit element of that card? 😁
  6. Yeah that’s all I wanted to see before I sent my first submission in. The 2nd bulk submission was an automatic go once it became evident they would likely equal PSA someday. At least I think they will. And YouTube videos on results has been predominantly positive on the grades and look/style of the slab. I’ll admit I think some people are having a tough time adjusting to the fact it’s extremely difficult to get 10’s whereas PSA has given them out with relative ease historically. I think collectors will accept it more though as time goes on. So basically the CSG 9.5 kinda becomes the new 10.
  7. Alright, submission has now hit scheduled for grading, WOOT WOOT 🙌🙌. My second bulk tier was delivered, should take a week or so until processed as received I imagine.
  8. CSG sales have already been solid. I don't think it will take too long before CSG graded cards are almost on par with PSA and BGS.
  9. I think there’s a forum specifically for these questions called “Ask CSG”. And then I believe a CSG rep will get to it.
  10. I think many people are just used to the other major players still, and don’t want to accept anything new. Money talks though, and especially in this industry! So as CSG resale values climb more and more I suspect those collectors will come on over.
  11. No that definitely makes sense. I’m very new to card grading and was initially going to jump into that “other company”. But I’m not happy with their cost/grading times so CSG coming on board has been refreshing!
  12. Thanks Matt! About to send another 50 cards in this week so moving and grooving with you guys 👌