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  1. I think there was something misinterpreted in the information that was relayed to you. CSG will give a Pristine 10 without subs; however, the only way to get a Perfect 10 is with subs. I do find that if I choose subs, the grading more accurately reflects my expectations. Without subs, I get a lot of lower grades that I can't readily explain.
  2. I guess this is as good as a place as any to show bulk updates...(ours were received close together) Date package was dropped off at CSG per USPS tracking: 3/30/2021 Date order was marked as "Received" in CSG Sub Tracking: 5/24/2021 Date order was marked as "Grading/Encap./Imag/" in CSG Tracking: 7/19/2021 Date order was marked as "Shipped" in CSG Tracking: NOT SHIPPED YET
  3. I asked this exact question to CSG customer service last week on the phone. They confirmed that with no subgrades, a card could possibly receive a pristine 10 but not a perfect 10.